Topic: Midnight Black Festival Of Darkness 2012

The Midnight Black International Festival Of Darkness is accepting entries of films and screenplays of all lengths of the Horror, Sci-Fi and Exploitation genres from every corner of the globe.

Midnight Black International Festival Of Darkness shall showcase films that are made in the style of those underrated and misunderstood cult horror, exploitation and shock films that have captured the attention and entertained audiences around the world for decades.

We are looking for the films that audiences can’t and won’t forget, in addition to customary blood and guts horror flicks.

We shall seek out the best of those films featuring the most brutal, violent, and powerful images ever burned into celluloid! These films will include samurai sword eviscerations, blood geyser showers, eyeball slicing, and all of the most deadly styles of kung fu, shotgun decapitations, and full-blown flamethrower torching!

Although we love conventional horror, we are interested in unearthing cutting-edge films that represent new genres of horror and  Sci-Fi, as well.

No matter what kind of film or screenplay you may have, whether it’s a slasher or a ghost story, a zombie flick or a horror comedy, a suspense thriller or a horror documentary or experimental or even a horror animation, we want to see it.

Our categories will include horror, exploitation, Wicca oriented and shock Horror, Thriller, Science Fiction, Suspense, Slasher, Mystical, Magical and Fantasy films, Grindhouse Horror, Horror Documentary, Horror Animation, Horror Experimental, Supernatural and student films and screenplays.