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Sat down and watched Stage Fright in its entirety last night and I really liked it.  I have seen a lot of the lesser known and slashers from the early 80s like Happy Birthday to Me, and The Funhouse, and this reminded me of them but it was a little more intelligent.  The Score of course was as good as it gets.  The killer itself always wearing the owl mask was definitely creepy.  Just all in all a very, very good Slasher.  Watched Intruder a few weeks ago and didn't like it nearly as much as Stage Fright.  Stage Fright is definitely one of the better slashers of the 80s.  The ongoing rain was great for the atmosphere as well.  The kill that actually took place on the stage was as good as it gets too.  The movie definitely took a good 25 minutes to get into but once it got going and the whole cast got locked into the movie theater, I knew it was going to pick up.  I was not at all disappointed. 

Onto Demons tonight.

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You might want to try out the original 'April Fool's Day.'

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Yea I've seen it a couple times on either Max or Starz or some channel like that.  Pretty damn solid slasher like a lot of the rest of those around that time.  I like Stage Fright quite a bit more tho.  The score to Stage Fright was BIG.  I actually saw a duel dvd of My Bloody Valentine and April Fool's Day for 5.99 used at the used record store but I didn't get it.  It will be there if I ever get the urge to go back.

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You should get the 'uncut' version of My Bloody Valentine, its definitely worth it.