Topic: Indigo Prophecy

Has anyone else played the game Indigo Prophecy?  I played it for PS2 and thuroughly enjoyed it.  It is an action/adventure thriller.  I wouldnt describe it as horror, just thriller, but it was good.  Storyline was good, and it was fun to play.  I really enjoyed that all intereractions were controlled by you.  You got to choose who to talk to, what to say, what iteams to pick, what steps to take.  It was a like a choose your own adventure thriller with action sequences in the style of The Matrix thrown in.  A lot of fun and highly recommended for PS2.  I know it is on PC too, but I recommend PS2 cause everything is done with the analog sticks, which makes it more fun.

Re: Indigo Prophecy

its a really fun game, it very interesting, a completely different style than any other game iv played