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I'm only 10 minutes in but I forgot how damn good this movie is.  Always been a big Dante fan, and was about to watch Jaws but Piranha was calling to me.  Had only seen it one time good while back and had it stashed off to the side in my stack of dvds I can't fit in my shelf.  The first scene is fucking great.  The movie has already referenced Creature from the Black Lagoon and Jaws and has a nice little atmosphere going.  I should have known that the maker of The Howling, The Burbs, and Gremlins would not disappoint.

Any big Dante fans on this site?  What is your favorite Dante film?

Haha and wow, this scene with the old man on the river and the cheesy slow score in the background is fucking perfect.

"Got the River.  It wakes me up in the morning.  Gives me a bath, does my laudry, gives my dinner, puts me to sleep real gentle.  Got my river."  Haha.

Gotta love the Horror Comedy from Joe Dante.

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Never watched the original Piranha, though i have been interesting in doing so for a while but unsure if its worth watching. I am sure this is one of Roger Corman's productions. The Howling is a decent movie though i was never overly impressed by it so i might eventually give this one a go. However i do enjoy watching the Burb's very much.

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Ah man.  Pirahna is definitely worth watch if you are into 80s movies like you said in the other thread.  Pirahna is the definition of 80s cheese but it is late 70s haha.  Joe Dante is the horror comedy master.

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Yeah, I need to see Piranha as well. AND The Burbs.

I'm behind on my Joe Dante I guess. However, The Howling rocks, Gremlin 1 & 2 rocks, and while the movie Matinee with John Goodman doesn't rock, it's still a movie I really like.

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Not a great movie by any stretch, but a fun flick if you like 70's camp and cheese.  My wife grew up in San Marcos where they filmed on the San Marcos River, and several of her friends and class mates got to be extras in the flim.  She and her sister were grounded that day so they did not get to go and participate. sad
By the way Creature, The Burbs is one of my favorite Tom Hanks flicks.

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^ The Burbs is definitely one I'm going to give a watch at some point or another.

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I'm trying to remember which one I've seen. I IMDB'd it and there were loads! The one I've seen was on one of these on double feature dvds you get free with dvds players. Usually terrible but this one wasn't too bad. If I remember rightly it was a family and their dog who fell victim along with the usual spring break party goers. A scientist was responsible I think. Not entirely sure which one this was. It was the best film to be included on these free dvds.