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What's up horror heads. My name is Eric and I am the upcoming writer/director of the new Horror/Comedy Hell Hole.

It's about these two dudes who take these hot girls out to a bar and find a door in the back. They open the door which contains a hole that goes straight to HELL! Every creep, freak, monster and weirdo in the underworld can now just crawl right out and wreak havoc. Will they have the courage and the motivation to close the door and stop Hell on Earth before it's to late?

I can't tell you how freakin' excited I am to be getting this movie made. This is my first feature length film but have worked on plenty of short and independents productions in the Atlanta area.

I'm a true horror movie fan, mostly those from back in the day like Evil Dead, Halloween series, Night of the Living Dead 2, Critters.

I need your support, check out … ter-making

You can contribute as little as a dollar which buys you an advanced screening of the movie. That's cheaper than a whip it and porn rental! Also you can learn more at, or follow the Devil on twitter at!/NotYourSatan/

Thank you for reading and SUPER thank you for support. Please share! This movie will be alot of fun and together we can bring hell on earth!!

-Deadhead Films

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This sounds pretty cool! Always glad to support indie horror!

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@ChainSaW80 Thanks! Please share, we need all the support we can get. The money is mostly needed to hire makeup artists, rent a cop car, and blow something up. smile Its not cheap to dredge up the underworld.

Check out the new teaser art

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