Topic: The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie Teaser trailer Midnight release!

In less than an hr (12 AM EST) Blackflight Studios will be revealing the first teaser trailer for new feature film "The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie"

check it out at:

"The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie" is based on a real urban legend in South GA. The story revolves around a native american slave who is brutally tortured and murdered during the civil war period in a local church located on historic "Seven Toe Road". The church now replaced with a house is the resting place for restless spirit "Seven Toe Maggie" given the name by the town locals who swear that her attackers cut off 3 of her toes, before she died. They say if you walk around the house 7 times her spirit will appear, and bad things will happen.
The film is loosely based off this tale, and follows the story of Mattie Ellis, born into a rich family who deals in real estate. Her father purchases "Seven Toe House", which in turn causes her to have a paranormal experience there as a youngster. Now that she's all grown up, her experience has plagued her and she inadvertently seeks help from a group of rag tag paranormal investigators to help her figure out what she experienced all those years ago.

The film is a combination cinematic film + found footage in hopefully a balanced amount that will make just the right combo! Share with everyone you know and help put indie horror back in the big time!

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