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DirtyGirl wrote:

I have a lot of box sets.  I took a few pictures while packing...

and picked up a new Jess Franco Dr. Orloff box set today smile

Is there such a thing as box-set penis envy?

There is now. hmm

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MoonRaven wrote:

Pretty sad collection hahah

how good is the chucky box set? i heard some what reviews about it

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I have
Nightmare On Elm Street Collection
Alfred Hitchcock collection
Sleepaway camp collection
50 horror movie pack
Aliens 1 and 2

Re: Collector Boxsets

Hey, Dirty Girl, I have the Blind Dead box set and it's one of my most prized horror possessions.  Big fan of this series and I was so stoked when this finally came out.

I also have the Amityville trilogy set with the documentary DVD, the Friday the 13th set that came out a few years back (not the most recent one), the old New Line ANOES collection with the 3D glasses for Freddy's Dead, The Exorcist trilogy set, and the old Alien Quadrilogy set.

A do have a couple of decent special edition sets with the Then Beyond tin being my favorite thing ever.  I also have the Suspiria 3 disc with the Goblin soundtrack, the Opera 2 disc with Soundtrack, The Evil Dead Ultimate Edition 3 disc, and the Dawn of the Dead Ultimate Edition.  Got plenty of 2 disc special editions that were released back in the DVD boom of the early 2000s, but I won't take the time to list them all.  I really miss the packaging, liner notes, and extras everyone was packing into each release during that time.  It was an exciting time to be a horror fan.

Re: Collector Boxsets

BTW, I would love to get that Puppet Master box set and have been thinking about picking up that Subspecies (w/ The Vampire Journals DVD) box set that's on Amazon.