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Thanks to Youtube, I have FINALLY gotten to watch a couple of these episodes.  I watched "The Shadow Man" directed by Joe Dante and it was just fantastic. Then I watched A Road Less Traveled directed by Wes Craven who happened to direct 4 or 5 episodes from the first season, and it was pretty damn good as well.

Can anyone tell me so good episodes to watch from this series?

I am definitely going to watch "The Dealers Hand" I believe it is called starring Morgan Freeman and a few other big time actors sitting around a table and one of them happens to be the devil...Directed by Wes Craven.  Sign me the hell up.


I just watched the first seasons second episode "A little Peace and Quiet" and the ending was vintage old school twilight  This show kicks ass.

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I was just watching the 1985 Twilight Zone series yesterday on Chiller.

Alot of famous actors today starred in those old shows to start off with. Even Bruce Willis was in an episode of the 1985 Twilight Zone show.

My favorite and funny episode is of the mother with the time freez necklace and she abuses the power of the necklace.  It ends badly with a nuclear missile that was frozen just in time.

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haha!  Watched both of those episodes yesterday.  Straight up Bruce Willis stars in the very first episode, basically before he was famous.  Wes Craven has a RIDICULOUS eye for talent considering he introduced Johnny Depp, and then had a young Morgan Freeman, and Bruce Willis in separate episodes of the Twilight Zone. 

After watching about 5 episodes from the first season, I reailzed that the show is fucking awesome.  Chameleon, another episode directed by Craven 30 minutes of brilliant sci fi starring the guy who plays John Locke on lost...A very good episode.

I just spent 40 dollars on the first season, used. 6 discs 1020 minutes, 60 stories and I have seen like 6.

.....It is probably 6 or so hours at least. I normally don't spend this much on a DVD considering of gotten great ones used for like a dollar off of Amazon, but I'm a big 80s Anthology fan and it seems Twilight Zone might have been making the best...

And the epsidoe you are talking about the with the necklace is basically when I realized that the show kicked ass.  The ending gave me the same feeling I got after watching a lot of the original Twilight Zones.  What a mind fuck.

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Also what's funny is that all these famous actors today they were so young back then when starring in episodes of Twilight Zone 1985 and Tales from the Darkside show such as Steve Buscemi and Christian Slater and Elliot Gould.

Christian Slater and Steve Buscemi they not only starred in Tales from the Darkside show but also in Monsters and then later on the Tales From the Darkside The Movie.

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Never watched that redo. I'm not into redo series shit... I'mma original The Twilight Zone fan.

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the game of pool remake is pretty solid.

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About 10 episodes into the first season now that I got the Dvd's in the mail.  About 50 episodes to go.  Chameleon, Shadowman, and Nightcrawlers, Dealer's Choice are four of the better Horror episodes I've seen.  Really hoping the high quality continues throughout season 1.  I know for a fact I've got one or two Craven episodes left that are supposed to be really good.