Topic: Basement Bugs Horror short film seeks your support

Hello Community,

My name is Barnaby Barrilla and I am producing a horror short called "Basement Bugs."

BASEMENT BUGS is an atmospheric descent into suffering about a desperate young man who hears a rumor that his apartment building's shivery superintendent may have a secret safe locked away in the basement.  Taking advantage of a building-wide fumigation, the young man breaks into the private space of the superintendent - only to be consumed by the gnawing terror that awaits him.

We have a solid professional cast & crew to make and tell the best story possible. With your support we have started a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to bring you a great film that you will truly enjoy and happy to say you were a part of. Come join the journey and share it with friends. If you like my project then please back it. … ement-bugs

-Barnaby B.

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