Topic: Devil May Cry

the Devil May Cry series is probably one of the hardest game series that iv ever played. mastering multiple fighting styles and combos with enemies that just dont give you any room to make errors while fighting them (espically on the hardest difficulty). The first one was absoluely amazing, while the graphics wernt the best in the gaming industry, they have their own feel to them and the game play and story line were great. the second one wasnt as good as the first in the story line, but the graphics were improved and the new combos were really cool. i didnt think fighting as Lucia was as good, but it offered some viarity to the game. i just picked up the third one and i havent gotten very far in it yet, but the graphics look even better and the storyline has allready grabbed my attention. theres alot more boss battles in this one. im highly anticipating the release of the fourth one.
how does everyone else feel about these games?

Re: Devil May Cry

They are good games but I dont think they were super hard.  They were tricky at times, but for sure they werent by any means frustratingly hard.  I am kind of upset that I wont be able to play 4 since I dont have a PS3.....oh wait, nevermind; They are also putting it out on 360!  Chalk up another PS exclusive series going to X-Box.  PS doesnt have much left anymore now