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Was just trying to see how many female horror directors I could come up with. Are they small in numbers or growing?

I have nothing against female horror directors,I think it’s great, but I just don't think they can make horror movies as dark or disturbing as male directors can. Do you agree or dis-agree? Ironically enough, Slumber Party Massacre was directed by a woman)

this is my list of female horror directors, Please feel free to add any.

Kathryn Bigelow. (Near Dark)
Mary Lambert. (Pet Cemetery 1 & 2)
Hope Perello. (Howling 6)
Rachel Talalay. (Freddy's Dead, Ghost in the Machine)
Jackie Kong. (Blood Diner)

Karen Arthur – The Mafu Cage
Angela Bettis – Roman
Antonia Bird – Ravenous
Hélène Cattet – Chambre Jaune
Maya Deren – Meshes of the Afternoon
Diane Doniol-Valcroze – Kill By Inches
Kei Fujiwara – Organ
Jackie Kong – Blood Diner
Fran Rubel Kuzui – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Laura Mañá – Killing Words

Katt Shea – “Dance of the Damned” — undead “Indecent Proposal

Holly Dale -”Blood & Donuts” is delish

Shannon Lark - “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter

Amy Holden Jones - “Slumber Party Massacre”

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The Soska sisters did Dead Hooker in a Trunk and American Mary which is in post production. Can't wait to see that one. Also, American Psycho was directed by Mary Harron. So, I think those are two entries that go against the idea that women can't be as 'dark or disturbing' as their male counterparts.

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I was about to say Mary Harron. American Psycho is such a "mans book". Ok the movie isn't great but it is a good adaptation. Proves that horror is not a mans world after all.

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A few you missed:

Roberta Findlay (The Oracle, co-director of the infamous 70s grindhouse flick Snuff)

Rita Mae Brown (feminist author who actually wrote Slumber Party Massacre)

Rae Dawn Chong (Cursed III)

Rachel Talalay (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, plus she was a producer on most of the NOES sequels)

Danielle Harris, of Halloween series fame (recently read in Fangoria she's just completed her first feature directorial effort)

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there are a lot of upcoming talented female directors in Viscera among them the beautiful karen Lam and our own wonderful, beautiful pin up girl/ goddess Jaime Jenkins!  bless her cotton socks ! mmmwaaahhh ! xxxx

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Just found a very cool list with their Twitter address. Nice I think. big_smile

The Horror/Thriller Directors

   1. Axelle Carolyn of Halloween Kid @AxelleCarolyn
   2. Jenn & Sylvia Soska of American Mary, Dead Hooker In a Trunk @Twisted_Twins
   3. Maude Michaud of Red, Bloody Breasts, Snuff @quirkfilms
   4. Lis Fies of The Commune @kidsis
   5. Barbara Stepansky of Hurt, Fugue @bstepansky
   6. Julie Ufema of Killing Candi, Caveat @JulieUfema
   7. Karen Lam of Doll Parts, Stained @opiatepix
   8. Danielle Harris of Among Friends @halloweengal
   9. Shannon Lark of Lip Stick, It's My Birthday @ShannonLark
  10. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn of The Girl, Night Visitor @jenniferblancb
  11. Amy Lynn Best of Severe Injuries, Feast of Flesh @AmyLynnBest
  12. Tiffany D. Jackson of The Filed Trip @WriteinBK
  13. Katt Shea of The Rage, Carrie 2 @KattShea1
  14. Angela Bettis of Roman @AngelaMBettis
  15. Reema Kagti of Talaash @KagtiReem
  16. Hanelle Culpepper of Deadly Sibling Rivalry @Hillview798
  17. FITZ of The Anniversary @ThatFITZ
  18. Emily Haggins of My Sucky Teen Romance @CheesyNuggets