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So, most folks understand that horror films go in cycles.  Every 6-10 years or so a new horror film will come along which blows the roof off of and revitalizes the genre and spurs every hack filmmaker in the business to flood the market with similarly-themed product.

- In the 30s, the Universal horror flicks launched the "monster" cycle that lasted into the forties.

- In the 40s, it was the "meets" movies.  Dracula Meets Frankenstein, Abbot & Costello Meet The Wolf Man, etc.

- In the 50s, the so called "Red Scare" instigated floods of "invader" movies, while the simultaneous threat of nuclear war launched waves of BEM (Bug Eyed Monster) flicks, cashing in on our paranoia over the effects of radiation.

- In the sixties Psycho was the big thing, and resulted in copious "insane killer" movies.

- The 70s started with a bang with A Clockwork Orange; while not a horror movie, it broke taboos and pushed what could be gotten away with under the noses of the MPAA, resulting in some of the most starkly violent and psychologically twisted horror we've ever seen.

- The 80s, spurred on by the late 70s successes of Halloween and Dawn of the Dead, were all about mad slashers and lots of gore.  But by the end of the decade we'd seen it all, and it was time to return to the more "cerebral" horror of...

- The 90s.  Silence of the Lambs kicked off a littany of genius killer movies, eventually leading to the likes of Seven and countless other "mad genius" flicks.  Then there was the self-referential horror AND slasher subgenres started by the success of Sceam, and horror became a hotseat for Pretty TV Faces and ironic twist endings.  But by the end of the decade we grew tired of serial killer flicks, and so...

- The 2000's.  Supernatural horror clawed its way back to the fore with movies like Ringu and The Blair Witch Project.  A year into the new millenium, however, 9/11 happened.  And horror became more about emulating the stark and horrific imagery we witnessed in coverage of the Twin Towers and nightly reports on the War on Terror.  Witness the "torture porn" fad perpetuated by such movies as Hostel and the Saw series, to which most of us are already burned out, and the "found footage" films, both of which try to capture the raw emotional punch of those video-recorded true life horrors we've born witness to over the last ten years.   And the remake trend.  It's not the filmmakers who should be blamed, but the corporate studio monsters who put those projects together in the first place in order to cash in on name-brand-itis. 

And now here we are, in the 2010's, and horror has gone stale again.  A new cycle is on the horizon.  My question to you is, what do you think the next cycle is going to be?  Will it be a return to more subtle horror after a decade of extreme violence?  Will it be deeper, more thoughtful horror in direct contrast to the shiny and superficial genre scene we have now?

What do you think will be -- or want to be -- the Next Big Horror Thing?

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I personally would love to see a return to traditional Horror myself.  Give me Monsters, Ghosts, and Ghouls over torture Porn any day.  I just hope films return to be smartly written and entertaining instead of the poor remakes and gore-fests of late that don't really have any substance to them.

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Im hoping for more supernatural type movies I love those. But as DG said they need to be smartly written. While I do like remakes I want more movies like Cabin in the woods for me that is the quintessential horror movie. But they shouldnt over do it so we will get tired of them

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Not exactly what you're looking for, but here's what I see...

A huge divide between mainstream and alternative horror.

Mainstream will be theater releases.  Remakes.  PG-13.  Teeny movies.  Pop stars.  DVD releases.  Rare and occasional Cabin in the Woods will stick out as the exception even more. 

Alternative will be streaming.  Torrents.  Straight to DVD. Cult classic type movies.  Grindhouse.  Then on the fringe of that will be crap that will be opposite of mainstream, but equally bad shock gore, sexual torture - type things.  I know what you're thinking...this already happened...but I'm saying this will be even more pronounced, and will be even more marginalized.

Then, in the year 2046, the world will be split in half with an equal number of people supporting the above sides, and there will be a war to see which side will be victorious.  Or...maybe each side sends some youth to a deserted island to kill each other off to decide the winner?  I think I'm on to something here!  Ok...maybe not so much this paragraph, but the rest is my opinion.

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^^no see what they will do is have like a true life horror movie where they ahve a seirial killer and film it all none of this "found footage" stuff it will all be real in your face killing

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Weird...Revenge and I wrote ours at the same time, and we both mentioned Cabin!  Odd. 

I agree with the supernatural.  More, more and more!

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I think it's actually pretty damn hard to come up with something new. Personally I'd prefer to see a revival of the slasher movies. But since they fu**ed up the remakes of Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th due to the lag of fresh ideas I've lost my hope in that.

Anyways - as you said - we've seen it all: monster movies, ghost movies, slasher movies, teen horror, psycho horror, the whole torture genre, films with wiggly 500 $ cameras and every single possibility in environmental plots (like the wind causing the people to kill themselfs).

So I think I'll go with the underrated genre of Sci-Fi Horror. In my opion there are way to less movies which take place in the isolated deep space. In fact I think there are only few memorable Sci-Fi Horror movies:

- The Alien Trilogy (NO, I REFUSE TO COUNT ALIEN 4 as an official movie of the Alien franchise!)
- Event Horizon
- Pandorum
- Red Planet

- The Cube Trilogy (although this one actually didn't take place in space)

I wouldn't count such movies as Species or The Fly which are kinda Sci-Fi Horror movies but basically take place on earth. But I think you can see the difference in that movies yourselfs.

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i think we may be in for a new batch of quieter   "Supernatural" haunted house themed movies like " Woman In Black" i do like that kind of movie so wouldn't be upset with that.

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I agree with DirtyGirl, i wanna see a lot more smart horror during this decade.

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I would like to see more David Lynch type films, more atmosphere, more decisive and interesting film shots, I am hungry for a Horror movie that leaves you momentarily stunned AND satisfied in a good way, like a good session of Classical music. You KNOW you have been touched by greatness. (this is my secret film directing desire sigh)

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So I stewed this one over for a bit, just thinking what hasn't been around in a while.  The Satanic and witchcraft stuff from the 80s.  Most of it wasn't very good, but it had a distance evil feeling about it.  For those who weren't around in the US in the 80s, there was a huge "scare" about Satanic cults and such.  It was all BS, of course, but it had people all freaked out for some reason.  Male horror fans (and 10% of female horror fans) rejoiced because Satanism apparently required lots of naked ladies.

Will this be the new trend?  Probably not.  Someone above mentioned sci-fi horror, and with Prometheus and Cabin in the Woods, I could see that happening.

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I'm hoping for a resurgence of atmospheric horror films like The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers, The Woman in Black, etc. (Wouldn't it be great if we had a Hammer revival?) The problem with this is that some don't get or have the patience for slow-burners that are light on gore but heavy on atmosphere and back-story.

My secret wish is for the bizarro fiction sub-genre to find its way onto the big screen. It would be awesome to see horror get really weird and strange but have intelligent underlying social commentary. However, if John Dies at the End bombs then that likely won't happen.

I also think we may get more cross genre films which would be great. However, I have a feeling shock-and-gore films aren't going anywhere. It seems that some filmmakers think pushing the limits of extreme and disturbing make for good horror movies. Unfortunately there are more bad than good in that category.

And god, please, let the remake craze will die out soon.

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Personally, I think the next trend will be updating the more traditional monsters; we'll get new twists on old familiars like Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, Dracula, etc.  That's what I think will be the next trend.

What I would like to be the next trend is, as Az mentioned, a return of demon/devil/religious-themed horror movies of the 80s, but done in a more cerebral 70s style.  We need something along the lines of The Exorcist, The Omen or The Sentinel.  Not remakes, mind you -- just those types of movies, to wash the taste of torture porn and found footage films out of our mouths.

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Well Cabin in the Woods wasn't that successful in the theaters bit giving its popularity among horror movie fans we could start seeing more films that are comical and poking fun at horror and its fans in a less direct way then scream.

Then there was Prometheus, witch didn't have huge box office success either I don't believe but their already planning a sequel. I can see them doing another trilogy here and if they are successful we could see a lot more sci/fi and monster horror coming out.

I think the remakes will continue also, if so hopefully they start updating much older films. Remakes seem to work better when its a film from 50's 60's or 70's.

Comedy horror has become a big thing also in the past 10 years. With Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and Tucker & Dale among a slew of others, I can see this continuing weather in the mainstream or independent realm.

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Would love a 70s Hammer/Amicus style revival, 'cause I love the atmospheric stuff.  With today's Twitter/"Ooh shiny" attention span, I don't have much hope, though.

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ChainSaW80 wrote:

Then there was Prometheus, witch didn't have huge box office success either I don't believe but their already planning a sequel. I can see them doing another trilogy here...

Which reminds me...

Trilogies.  I'm sick of trilogies.  Everything's a trilogy these days.  Trilogies and sequels.  Fuck 'em.

I give you my word: if I ever have a script produced, if I ever get to direct a movie, I will have it in my contract that at no time afterward will I be asked to write a sequel.  Every script I write is designed to be a stand-alone film, with a definite ending and no more story to tell.  If a sequel is made to any film I might have produced, I will refuse to acknowledge it.

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Counterpoint-  Troll and Troll 2.

You could make a successful  film about rabid drop bears (Drop Bear Terror), and then someone will make a movie about exploding aardvark vampires, and it will slap the title "Drop Bear Terror 2: the Mutation" or something.

By the way, I'd pay to watch both those films.  big_smile

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Counter-counterpoint: there is a Troll 3.  It's an alternate title to the Joe D'Amato flick "The Crawlers."

So, like, put that in your pipe and cash it. big_smile

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You want to dance with the monkey, eh?  Then take Troll 4, meatsack!

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Pffftttt!  You scared me for a second there, man!  Had me thinking they actually made a Troll 4 movie.  For a minute there I was like:

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Gotta bring your A Game when you come to the Banana House!

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Will Smith voice-  "Now that's what I'm talking about!  From now on, you get us houses like that!"

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I'd like to see something that really pushes the boat out on scaring the living daylights out of me. I want something that makes me want to look away but unable to, to want to sleep with the lights on, to double check my locks and windows, that I won't get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. There just isn't anything that does that to me from US or UK. Asia are the only ones doing this for me. I'm a fan of the slasher and the splatter gore fests but they are getting old fast.

I know one thing I really don't want. More bloody zombies! I'm tired of them!

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