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With our recent discussions about Day of the Dead i find it interesting that some people prefer it over Dawn because, as i think and other do its more darker and bleaker tone suits the zombie end of world scenario more effectively. A lot of other people appreciate Dawns sequences where it displays a fart lighter, arguably comedic tone. These differences can apply to many other horror moves, 1 other example is how the NOES franchise got more and more tongue in cheek. As i say though Horror films take a whole spectrum of these approaches

Let me ask u guys this though. How bleak do u like ur Horror. I prefer bleak horror and as bleak as it can get.

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Re: How bleak/dark do u like ur Horror.

Man this is tough.  I almost always like to have a little camp in my horror.  Certain movies like Phantasm I do love because there ain't really anything funny about it.  Same thing goes for a movie like Suspiria or the Thing.

The original NOES actually has some funny dialogue, and a few pretty campy moments with Freddy even if it the most serious of the franchise.  The tongue through the phone scene is one that comes to mind.  NOES and Scream are pretty much my two favorite franchises and I love the humor that comes from both, especially Scream 1 and 4. 

My two favorite Horror movies to come out since Scream are probably Grindhouse and Cabin in the Woods, and both of those have plenty of humor.

Something about being able to laugh and be scared takes Horror to a new level.  I've got to be in the mood to watch something real serious like Paranormal Activity.  95 percent of the time I'm trying to watch a scary movie that balances humor and seriousness.  Even something like Halloween which is mostly serious, has a lot of fun moments and also Pleasence provides a few laughs in my opinion.

You brought up Day of the Dead, and that movie is just completely kick ass and serious, but at the same time you do have a little comedy with Frankenstein's character.  You also have a Zombie saluting which Romero definitely intended to be dark and comedic.  You also have the protagonists characters providing a tad bit of comedic relief throughout the movie.  That movie is completely serious, and even though Rhodes is terrifying, he is so kick ass he makes me smile. Then, his death at the end made me laugh a little bit to just because it was so satisfying/awesome.  Certain movies might not be funny, but they are SO kick ass they almost makes you laugh a little bit.  That is all I need right there. 

Movies like The Burbs, Gremlins, Pirahna I just love.  I would rather have something like the Burbs, then something completely serious almost any day.

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Re: How bleak/dark do u like ur Horror.

I like a bit of dark and light. Depends what mood I'm on.

Darker horror tends to appear more in my top favourites like Martyrs while my favourites (swings between Scream and Noes) is obviously much more light hearted.

If I want something to be dark I need it to be very dark, bleak and generally depressing and I like my light hearted to be consistantly light hearted. I don't like it too much if they take a darker movie and put in campy moments that take away from it's effects.

Sometimes it does work. Miike has taken extreme movies and make them darkly comedic sometimes. 

Overall, as my tastes have changed from campy slashers to more seriousness I have been seeking out the more "extreme" horror which involved heavy gore, dark and depressing subject matters and disturbing tones.

Re: How bleak/dark do u like ur Horror.

I very much enjoy bleak Horror like The Dead Outside or Stakeland
shifting to works like May and Roman. Although I enjoy pretty much enjoy any Horror with the exception of torture in the vein of (Saw, Hostel) type movies.

Re: How bleak/dark do u like ur Horror.

i like nearly all  horror aspects ( apart from really disquisting stuff just for the sake of it, and i'm not keen on the Jungle cannibal genre) and i do like bleak horror, as with the horror genre you more than likely don't get the traditional " happy" ending ( although it's ok sometimes) and that's one of the many reasons why horror rocks!

Re: How bleak/dark do u like ur Horror.

Bleak, optimistic, whatever, I don't care so long as it fits.  It's when an ending or mood is forced and doesn't fit with the rest of the movie that I find it annoying.