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This one seems to be garnering a lot of discussion at the minute, I thought I'd make a thread so we can discuss it properly and not give any spoilers in other threads for those that haven't seen it yet.

I personally loved the old feel of this movie, making a film in the present-ish day but giving it such a beautiful 70's/80's feel really worked well for this, and it was a great return to slow-burn, well paced horror, rather than the slash-em-and-go style that is more prevalent today.

What did you guys think of the ending though? I was a bit thrown off by that

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I thought it was an excellent film, beginning to almost the end.  My biggest, and really only, complaint about it is...

SPOILER (left click and drag below if you want the movie ruined for you):

When she shoots herself in the end.  There is clearly an exit wound as witnessed by the big SPLAT that comes out of the opposite side of her head.  And while some brain injury is survivable, I'm afraid a bullet piercing completely through the brain from one side to the other and leaving a gaping, 4 square inch hole on the other side is pretty much a killer 100% of the time.  No way on God's green earth should we have seen her laying there in that hospital bed.


That aside, I had very few complaints.

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I did read a lot of good thing about this movie, I didn't think i would like it as i knew it was going have a really slow start to the movie.

This movie is slow but not as slow as i thought it wold be, it still watchable for the slow part of the movie, some  of you will get bored,

There was one scene that did shocked me, i had no idea that was going to happen, that was really good scene and this movie did have great build up to this secret.

The secret itself was little dull and so was creature they could have made him a lot more scary (Even The House on Sorority Row creature was scary then this creature) after the very long build up and this movie did have bloody scenes which i did not expect from this movie.

it was descent  5 out of 10

As anyone seen Both, Which movie is slower?  The House of the Devil OR The Innkeepers.

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I'll keep my opinion of this short and sweet lol

"Dat movie"

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I believe i gave HOTD a 7 on my Morguespace. The first time i watched it i was impressed by the start (especially the retro opening credits) and when she initially enters the house. I enjoyed the sequence when we initially encounter Mr. Ullman played by Tom Noonan. It was suitably atmospheric and creepy. However though i appreciate slow burning and atmospheric horror i thought that this films pacing was too slow during the middle, with certain periods of running neither adding anything important to the story (For example the dancing scene, some people say this is scary but i dont see it) or invoking fear in me. Where there were effective periods of adding atmosphere it could have been applied more succinctly without detracting from it. I did however like the character of Sam and Mr. Ullman. As with many films i may significantly change my opinion to reflect a higher rating on further viewing though. I at least appreciate the more contemplative approach West takes more than Eli Roths (even if i admit boobs and blood have a cherished place in my horror experience).

As with everyone else the rushed and illogical ending lacked for me and i share similar thoughts on this than Lon. So basically a good start but 2 slow paced a middle and a illogical, narratively ineffective and ineffectively paced ending. I might give it a higher score on later viewings however as with many films i see for the second time.

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I enjoyed this quite a bit the other night.  I had read a lot of things comparing it to Poltergeist and movies like that from the 80s, and other than a couple scenes, it felt a lot more like a late 70s horror movie to me.  Phantasm and Halloween come to mind simply because of the idea of a babysitter and a creepy ass house.  Atmosphere was sort of like Phantasm just because of the creepiness. And as I said in the other thread, not many 80s horror movies that I can think of were as serious as this one.  Though i'm sure there were plenty especially in the earlier side of the 80s...

One big problem for me was the main character lacked much of a personality  The first time the whole film she tried to have any sort of fun and she knocks the vase over.  How many times did she smile in this film?  I know, I know, she was depressed.  I don't buy that though.  Her character was way too sad and unbelievable for me.

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House of the Devil is one of the better movies to come along recently.  Ti West understands building suspense and likeable characters, which seems to be lacking in most newer Horror.  Having it set in the early 80s was a real nod to the director's favourite era of Horror:  late 70s/early 80s.  It absolutely would fit right in with most of those movies.  It feels a bit like Dead and Buried to me, which is an excellent Horror Thriller.  I also enjoyed his next movie, The Innkeepers,  as well.  House of the devil feels like a thriller at first and then turns into Horror.  I think you don't necessarily have to be a Horror Fan to enjoy it, much like the omen, the shining, and rosemary's baby.  So it appeals to many more people.   At least House of the Devil has a good bloody payoff at the end for all that suspense!

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House of the Devil is probably my favorite horror film of the last decade. The heavy atmosphere and slow-building suspense reminded me so much of the movies I love from the late 70's / early 80's like Burnt Offerings and The Sentinel. I understand that some horror fans have issues with this kind of pacing, but personally, I enjoy films like this. It's probably my favorite type of horror movie.

I did have a minor issue with the ending as Lon mentioned, but I was so impressed with everything else it was easy for me to overlook it. I really appreciated the intense and gory end after such a skillful build up. This one is in my collection and I've already watched it more times than I can count.

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hmm maybe a was a bit harsch on the ending.

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Weird ending but as a guy that lived his teenage years in the '80s, the feel of that movie remembered me those times. lol
A very cool one in my ever growing collection.

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I feel the same as Lon about the ending. I have a hard times with films that do stuff like that, I would have much preferred the ending be more fitting.

That said, I really enjoyed the film a lot, one of the best I've seen in a long time and I'm going to re-watch it soon to give it a proper rating. I know I like a film when I want to re-watch it straight away big_smile

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I struggled with the pace at first but once I got used to it I was fine. It had the odd boom! wasn't expecting that! moment here and there, but the pay off was worth every second of waiting. The ending was confusing but I added my own explanation to it to satisfy my own confusion. That the demon child she was carrying saved her so it would be born. Yeah it's unlikely but it's a movie so I can think what I want big_smile *sticks tongue out like a naughty child".

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Ahh, nice explanation Ultra! Me & my bro watched it together and all we could think of was Rosemary's Baby lol. I just don't know how she could be alive after that, if ithad ended straight after the shooting I think I might have preferred that.

I love slow-paced films, I don't mind it we aren't thrown into the action straightaway. In fact, I think it tends to make a lot of films better.

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It was a reasoning I came up with. I dunno why they had her survive. I dunno if I would have had her shoot herself in the first place. Over all I can't deny it was a very good movie. Ti West is really getting his name out there lately. He did a segment in the new "V/H/S" found footage smile

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I've loved this and Innkeepers, I've got V/H/S lined up for either tonight or tomorrow actually can't wait to see it. I'm really liking his work, hope he keeps it up.

I think they had her survive maybe so it was ambiguous about what the baby would be like. I would at least have had her shoot Mr Ulman first then herself. But a headshot like that, surviving after that weakened things a bit because it was so unbelievable

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Not to ruin ur party but i think that Ti West's was one of the weakest in the V/H/S trilogy. Neat twist but thats all thats positive for me.

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I liked the Ti west contribution. Was by far not the best of the bunch, the first was completely brilliant and it would be hard to beat it but West's wasn't dire. I quite liked the plot. Best thing about V/H/S is all 5 parts and the wrap around could be made into full length movies of their own.

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^While Ti's segment wasn't the strongest in the anthology, I still enjoyed it and found the idea to be pretty creepy. 
If you are in the mood for more of Ti's work, check out The Roost (2005) which also has kind of a retro vibe even though it is set in current times, and Trigger Man (2007) which is a decent little low budget thriller.  And of course there is Cabin Fever 2 which he has completely disavowed.

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^^ Yeah they are all good except CF2 lol and I thought the movie was really well but I do understand what Lon said that is pretty ridiculous