Topic: Tobe Hooper's Salem's Lot

After watching this for the second time, it becomes more and more obvious the trends that this movie helped set in American Cinema.  This movie basically has the same exact general premise of Fright Night.  Clearly influenced Lost Boys and other Vampire films of the 80s.  Tobe Hooper really did a great job with Salem's Lot.  It just looked absolutely fantastic.  I used to think there is no way Hooper directed Poltergeist, considering a lot of people think that Spielberg had his hand in most of the directing, but after seeing Salem's Lot I realized that a ton of shots in Salem's Lot are very similar to shots in Poltergeist.  Salem's Lot almost plays like a better version of Creepshow for me.  The way that all the stories are separated, it almost feels like an anthology.  You've got the main kid's story, the main adult's story, and then you've got the 2 truckers hauling the crate which reminded me a ton of Creepshow.  Of course it is a miniseries which is why it probably feels that way.  Oh, and the night scenes are as atmospheric as it gets.