Topic: sweet bro AND hella jeff!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest webcomic ever..sweet bro and hella jeff!

sweet bro and hella jeff is a internet comic created by Some Guy I Don't know who he is actually. its about the sweet bro and hella jeff and they get into all kinds of trouble it's very humorous!

Sweet Bro

sweet bro is the mainest character in the series he is the intelligent one and regularly tricks hella jeff and stuff. he is very good at warning bros about things. and he laughs alot too he laughs at jeff a lot.

sweet bro loves the big game and he got tickets for it and he gets frustrated with jeff sometimes but they always make up cuz they love eachother..he has the carr...

sweet bro likes nanchos and partying and it has been insinuated that he uses dugs
hella jeff is very clumsy and he falls over and chases things and he Cant figure out tha right ANGEL,
hjeff is very easily distacted as demonstrated in comic #7 titled: a GAIN with the socks, you have GOT to be SHITTONG me. he likes milk.

hella jeff also likes the BIG GAME but he has trouble with angels so much and he cannot pour milk so sad for jeff...... jeff does not appreciate sweet bro's frequent loss of socks and it annoys him

one time hella jeff put JELLY on a HOT God

geromy is a new friend everyone loves him very much. and geromy likes ice cream for eating and sometimes geromy likes to do other things

The Big Man
the big man....hass the rock. he is a basketball player. the big man is AFrican AMerican much like geromy....maybe there related/????? father and son???

the bigman is good i mean good at bastketball and he likes to play it also he is in 2 comics now..

there is 16 comics now and A MOVIE
Go to now if you wanna check out more sweet bro and hella jeff!