Topic: Yeah I bet you're "Good Friends"
Whoa Kashi. Slow down.

First you make a shitty-tasting cereal with a random mixture of questionably edible shapes, then you charge up the ass for a box of it, and you call us good friends?

This is what it looks like out of the box.
It's rodent feed. This explains why there's no picture of it on the box; if I knew that's what it looked like I wouldn't have bought it.

Let's not forget the people on the box here. Nobody is that happy. Look at that smile. "Hippy-yay-hoo-ha! Let's have a diverse party where nobody drinks!" Bullshit. No Way. I don't buy it. No that guy is either fucking the shit out of that poor lady or he's coked up and ready to smile at just about anything. And he's fucking her hard.

When's the last time you've seen a sober, happy 50 year old? Never. Once you turn 22 you realize that you have nothing to look forward to and you're going to die and life sucks and you're never happy again. Duh.

I know these things. I'm an expert at friendship. Look at me and my friend. We're so happy.

Suck it Kashi. Your bullshit graphics make me only want more burgers.