Topic: Help Support an Indie Serial Killer Movie!

Hey everyone!
I'm new here, but a longtime fan of serial killers, Universal Monsters, body horror, and so forth. My name is Mae, it's wonderful to have stumbled here with you all.

Alas, I confess, I have a bit of an ulterior motive. You see, I'm a up-and-coming filmmaker (aka a nobody) and I've got a Kickstarter going for my next project. The reason I bring it here is because it's about a serial killer. A serial killer with feelings and problems. He's also a sharp dresser.

I've been writing about serial killers since I was fourteen, they were quickly my favorite sort of character to write. People who were inhumane yet still human. Apathetic over some things, but passionate about others. Outsiders enough to examine the rest of society.

Anyway, I'm rambling. I've been making movies about serial killers since I started film school about three years ago. I'm about to graduate and want to make a film with a larger scale production. Larger scale means more expensive, hence a Kickstarter. So if you can, take a look, contribute if you like, please share if you want! Here's the link: … y-mae-catt

You can learn more about me here: … s-and-men/

I also recently did a podcast with my buddy all about serial killers and our fascination with them. If you'd like to check that out, it's right here: … l-killers/

And my previous films here:

Thank you for your time!

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