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Just for kicks I thought I'd post my schedule for this first season of DHMW.  Below you'll find every match going back to the very first week of the season, and every match (and winner) leading up to the season final, posted earlier this morning (go vote!). 

Mostly I just thought folks who are newer to DHMW miight get a kick out of seeing how the tournament arrived at its final two conteastants (Jason Voorhees and Pinhead).  Well, here's how the season went down...

1st Month Fighters:

Week 1: Shaun (Shaun of the Dead) vs Tar Man (Return of the Living Dead) -- winner: SHAUN
Week 2: Candyman vs Freddy -- winner: FREDDY
Week 3: Norman (Psycho) vs Jack Torrance (The Shining) -- winner: JACK
Week 4: The Thing vs. The Blob -- winner: BLOB

1st Month Final match: Shaun vs Freddy vs Jack vs Blob -- Winner: BLOB

1st Month Exhibition Match: Billy and Stu (Scream) vs Chris and Cynthia (Night of the Creeps) -- winners: CHRIS AND CYNTHIA

2nd Month Fighters:

Week 5: Buffy vs Francisco Dellamorte (Cemetery Man) -- winner: BUFFY
Week 6: El Wray (Planet Terror) vs Victor Crowley (Hatchet) -- winner: EL WRAY
Week 7: Sam (Trick ‘r Treat) vs Chucky -- winner:  CHUCKY
Week 8: Mahogany (Midnight Meat Train) vs Pluto (Hills Have Eyes '06) -- winner: MAHOGANY

2nd Month Final match: Buffy vs El Wray vs Chucky vs Mahogany -- winner: EL WRAY

2nd Month Exhibition Match: Mickey and Mallory vs Otis and Baby -- winners: TIE (ties are acceptabel in Exhibition Matches)

3rd Month Fighters:

Week 9:  Ash vs 3 Rage-Infecteds (28 Days/Weeks Later) -- winner: ASH
Week 10: Xenomorph (Alien) vs Brundle-Fly (The Fly '86) -- winner: XENOMORPH
Week 11: Harry Warden (My Blood Valentine '09) vs Cropsey (The Burning) winner -- HARRY WARDEN
Week 12: CHUD vs Father McGruder (Dead Alive) -- winner: CHUD

3rd Month Final Match): Ash vs Xenomorph vs Harry Warden vs CHUD -- winner: XENOMORPH

3rd Month Exhibition Match  Mater Suspiriorum (Suspiria) vs Mater Tenebrarum (Inferno) -- winner: MATER SUSPIRIORUM

4th Month Fighters:

Week 13: Leatherface vs Michael Myers -- winner: MICHAEL MYERS
Week 14: Pennywise vs Pumpkinhead -- winner: PENNYWISE
Week 15: Djinn vs Pinhead -- winner: PINHEAD
Week 16: Rawhead Rex vs Predator -- winner: RAWHEAD REX

4th Month Final Match: Michael Myers vs Pennywise vs Pinhead vs Rawhead Rex -- winner: PINHEAD

4th Month Exhibition Match:  Eddie Quist (The Howling) and David (AAWIL) vs Dracula (Coppola) and Jerry Dandridge (Fright Night) -- winners: DRACULA & DANDRIDGE

1st Half-season Match:  Blob vs El Wray vs Xenomorph vs Pinhead -- winner: PINHEAD

1st Half-Season Exhibition Match: Kurt Russell characters (Jack Burton, R.J. MacReady and Stuntman Mike) vs Bill Paxton characters (Dad, Severan and Pvt. Hudson) -- winner: PAXTON CHARACTERS

5th Month Fighters:

Week 17: Irving Wallace (Stage Fright) vs Peter Neil (Tenebre): IRVING WALLACE
Week 18: John Doe vs Jigsaw:  Winner -- JOHN DOE
Week 19: John Ryder vs Rusty Nail: Winner -- JOHN RYDER
Week 20: Jason Voorhees vs Toxic Avenger: Winner -- JASON

5th Month Final Match: Irving Wallace vs John Doe vs John Ryder vs Jason Voorhees -- winner: JASON VOORHEES

5th Month Exhibition Match: The Frog Brothers (The Lost Boys) vs Jesse and Diamondback (Near Dark) -- winners: TIE

6th Month (LADIES MONTH) Fighters:

Week 21: Asami (Audition) vs La Femme (Inside): winner -- LA FEMME
Week 22: Annie Wilkes vs Lori Strode: winner -- LORI STRODE
Week 23: Sidney Prescott (Scream) vs Brenda Bates (Urban Legend):winner --  SIDNEY
Week 24: Sarah (Day of the Dead) vs Ripley (Alien): winner -- RIPLEY

LADIE’S MONTH Final match: La Femme vs Lori Strode vs Sidney vs Ripley -- winner: LORI STRODE

LADIES’ MONTH EXHIBITION MATCH: Pamela Voorhees vs Marie (High Tension) -- winner: TIE

7th Month Fighters:

Week 25: Sweeney Todd vs Jack the Ripper -- winner: JACK THE RIPPER
Week 26: Big Daddy (Land of the Dead) vs Bub (Day of the Dead) -- winner: BIG DADDY
Week 27: Dr. Hill (Re-Animator) vs Dr. Leiter (Human Centipede) -- winner: DR. HILL
Week 28: Hannibal Lecter vs Patrick Bateman (American Psycho) -- winner: HANNIBAL LECTER

7th Month Final match Jack the Ripper vs Big Daddy vs Dr. Hill vs Hannibal Lecter -- winner: HANNIBAL LECTER

7th Month Exhibition Match:  Christine vs The Car -- winner: CHRISTINE

8th Month Fighters:

Week 29: Early (Kalifornia) vs Jame Gumb (Silence of the Lambs): winner -- BUFFALO BILL
Week 30: Crate Monster (Creepshow) vs Critter: winner -- THE CRATE MONSTER
Week 31: The Tall Man vs Tiny Firefly: winner -- THE TALL MAN
Week 32: Nada (They Live) vs Alice (Resident Evil 1): winner -- JOHN NADA

8th Month Match: Buffalo Bill vs The Crate Monster vs the Tall Man vs John Nada -- winner: THE TALL MAN

8th Month Exhibition Match: Jaws vs Mutant Piranhas -- winner: MUTANT PIRANHAS

2nd Half-season Match: Jason vs Lecter vs Lori vs Tall Man -- winner: JASON VOORHEES

2nd Half-Season Exhibition Match: Seth Gecko and Kate Fuller vs  Nazi Zombies (Dead Snow) -- NO VOTES/ NO WINNER

Which brings us up to today's matches:

Final Season Match (winners of each half-season match): Pinhead vs Jason Voorhees -- winner (in voting)

Final Exhibition Match: Captain Rhodes and Steele vs Peter and Roger -- winners: (in voting)

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You are a sick, sick puppy.  I love it!  (Except eventually I'll spend hours doing the tournament graphic)