Topic: The return of Snowball Earth?

This will fit this year, some people thinking the world going end again in December,

I love the cold weather but I would not what this, I found it scary, cause there could be tiny small chance it could happen to are earth! … h#p00cgyb3

Re: The return of Snowball Earth?

It could be scary but we have enough sustainability to make it work.  The technology is there where we could survive in hotter and colder settings.  Just gotta be smart.  I look at how people live in the arctic circle in winter time when it's like 50 below 0...we can do it!

Re: The return of Snowball Earth?

Reminds me of the book Fallen Angels.  Good read, but really political for sci-fi.

I lot of it depends on how far down the glaciers come in the US midwest.  That area supplies a sizable portion of grain & corn to world.  India would probably be able to buffer that, though.  As cool as it would be to see a mile-high glacier down the block, I'll settle just for the poles to refreeze.