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I have to admit that I have never really been in a major fight before. Yes I have been knocked out before with someone hitting me in the head with a liquor bottle but nothing else besides that.

I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Doe and really haven't done anything since then. I still can kick though which is cool at my age lol.

The only major so-so fight I was ever in lasted like 1 minute and people broke it up.......I called a guy a douche bag to his face cause he was talking to  my gf at the time and I pushed him against the bar and he was way bigger than me, lol.

So what fights have you been in?

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Ok i have been in a couple of fights in my life. Not sure how many but quit a bit. But the one that mainly sticks in my head the most comes while i was playing ice hockey.

It was during a game, it all started in the beginning of the game, there was a player in front of me so i was keep on pushing him and trying to take out his legs b/c he would be keep on getting in my way that i couldn't see any shot coming my way, which is called being screened. This was throughout the entire game. So by the 3rd period, i hit him pretty good in the back of the legs or did i hit him from behind pretty good. I can't remembe oh well. Anyways, the player looked at the ref thinking there was going to be a penalty called on me, which there wasn't, and the player was pissed.

So while the play was going down at the other end of the ice and then all of a sudden someone had shot the puck down at my end of the ice and i got to the boards, stopped the puck, and shot it down to the other end. As soon as i shot the puck, the same player that i was hitting throughout the game skated hard right at me and checked me making me fall on my back right onto the ice. So i got up right away and going at it with him. Left and right with a goalies most potent and dangerous weapon, the blocker. So while we were going at it, his teammate decided to blindside me from behind making me fall face first right onto the ice. After i hit the ice again, i get up right away and go after the player who hit me from behind. So basically that was my first fight in hockey ever and definitely can't behind getting into 2 fights in one game all with in 2 min. God that was fun!!!! big_smile

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As far as street fights, two come to mind.  I was 16, drivng my g/f home from school when some kid flipped us g/f previously told me that this kid was giving her shit during gym class, so naturally it made me pissed off.  I pulled the car over and stepped out, then walked up to the kid who was with his woman...I asked "Why'd you flip us off?", he replied "because I could" which time I punched him in the face and knocked him to the ground.  He got back up, pulled off his jacket (green bay packers starter jacket), then thre a punch at me, which I deflected, and punched him again in the face, knocking him on his ass again.  I then walked away and drove my g/f home. 

the second fight was in a bar, some fat bastard disrespected my fallen Marines and called us faggots....I replied by throwing an overhand left which connected with his face, knocking him out cold.  He hit his head against a table and split himself open...I laughed and paid my tab, then walked out....