Topic: A New Look at Bryan Loves You

Last we heard from Seth Landau he told us that Shoreline Entertainment was going to cut their own trailer for the film. It appears that they have done so much faster than he anticipated. The Official Shoreline Entertainment website has just post...

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Re: A New Look at Bryan Loves You

I really dig the new trailer.  Looks great.

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I was expecting to see a website with the trailer screen appearing as well. Just a Windows Media Player screen appeared on top of a white page.

Interesting trailer, shot like a documentary. Sharp picture quality as well. I've been finding the picture quality with WMP isn't as good as QuickTime. But this one was clear and sharp.

I closed the WMP box after watching the trailer and found that there was still the white page with the page still downloading (you know that when looking at the square at the start of the URL address bar on the farthest left of the screen).

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