Topic: These dang' spam-bots on YT

So... about two weeks ago, my account was seemingly hacked by an asshole who replied to another person on a random video like this: @username (no one do that anymore right?). I feel kinda weird, because it gets tons of thumbs. The person who replied my account's comment says "**** you". (Yeah well of course he's pissed of because...)
The guy who hacked my account wrote something about getting money by only reading mails and stuffs. I ended replying to myself then...
After a week of arguing with the guy who frickin' insult me for "having spammed" on YT, I calmed myself down, thinking that these pieces of **** will not continue anymore. But recently, when I've been going through some horror videos and see comments like these:

@ezdbnsq yep. nobody can believe about this quickly. and i can tell u , even my friend also earning well monthly doing surveys and reading mails daily. its worth a try here >>

In a day I've seen lots of 'em, it's like... I'm... having a vision or some kind. Something... something... I want you guys who have YT like Lon to share your thoughts if you have seen these type of stuffs before because now I'm very confused.

Re: These dang' spam-bots on YT

Yeah Youtube is filled with spambots as well as trolls and idiots. You'll likely find them in the Comment section of Youtube, which is full of lots of arguing and irrelevant crap. That's Youtube in a nutshell.

Re: These dang' spam-bots on YT

^^ No, after several days I calmed myself down, I found myself dealing with these ***** every where! Good goo!

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As far as I know my YT account has never been hacked.