Re: Using real footage in horror.

Fulcento wrote:

To be fair Lon, as much as I despise Boll, 'Seed' is worth a watch mate, it's one of Boll's rare films that doesn't make you want to wrench your eyeballs out with rusty pliers and stuff them in your ears so as not to see or hear any more of his typical fare. 'Seed' is pretty bloody good mate. No joke. Even insufferable hacks have an occasional good day every now and then and... excuse the prescient pun here buuut... every dog has its day... and Seed is Boll's.

It's worth a watch and, as much as it pains me to say, is actually rather decent.

Nope it did actually make me want to ram rusty nails into my retinas. It was upsetting for no real reason or message. But that's just my opinion.