Topic: Doing it. Chicago Style.

Hi fellow filmmakers and film enthusiasts,

I come from a small production team that goes by Blue Jacket Films. We run out of Chicago, and remain very active in the independent film scene here. One of our favorite genres of film is horror and we really want to share some of our visions we have developed over the years with the horror fans that are out there. Over the past two years we have ran an independent screening of these films we like to call... Blue Jacket Films: Screaming Virgin Truckstop Extravaganza Parts 1 & 2. Both are always filled with a wide variety of films that involve over the top Halloween themed action movies, to bloody and bone crunching slasher flicks. All shorts. All DIY. I hope you get a chance to check us out. We really do it to keep us sane, and entertain people out there like you.

^That's the link to my most recent. From there feel free to check the rest of the page. There is plenty to watch...

Thank you for your time and appreciate any support.