Re: The Cabin in the Woods / WARNING ,POSSIBLE SPOILER

kXnPunk wrote:

Gimme anything by Whedon containing a Merman with blood spraying by the breathing hole in his neck and a Unicorn and I'm sold. Not to mention cute girls and cool story. That's why it's in my top 2012 movies list.

Exactly.  There is a very weird hatred for this movie and it seems especially overseas it is not as loved as it is in America.  Give me hundreds of monsters combined with an Evil Dead plot, and two of the funniest legends of Hollywood in the control room. There are so many damn reasons this movie is cool.  Marty freaking has a baseball bat Bong.  Some people need to loosen up about this one.  It is one of the more fun Horror movies in a long long while.

As you said, there is a freaking merman that eats you and blood spits out its back.  It had been years and years since we got some monsters done well in the "good effects" sense.  I'm talking real monster effects and not a ton of CGI.  We don't get this kind of great horror effects anymore.  Cabin in the Woods gave it to us in full detail and abundance.

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Re: The Cabin in the Woods / WARNING ,POSSIBLE SPOILER

LoudLon wrote:

I think that was intended to be a knowing wink to the cenobites, but nothing more.  Lots of monsters and horror films were visually referenced in Cabin's finale.  Even the little girl with a mouth for a face was taken straight out of House on Haunted Hill '99.  Plus as someone else mentioned there was a Patrick Batemen look-alike in there somewhere. 

But that's all it was; Joss Whedon and Dru Goddard alluding to previous horror films while simultaneously skewering horror film tropes in general.

It was Whedon and Goddard alluding to previous horror films WHILE putting an original twist on theirs.  In a very similar way Craven did with Scream.  Great young acting/casting, good effects, and comedy from Jenkins and Whitford are just a few of the things that separate this movie from the rest.