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Currently being shown at Sundance, and apparently doing well, Escape from Tomorrow (IMDB link) was a film secretly filmed at Disney parks.

Here is an article from my local paper that also has links to other articles.

The plot is a guy gets obsessed with some underage girls and goes from creepy to weird to horror.

This is the first I've heard of this.  Has anyone else?

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You know, movies with pedophiles or I guess depending on the age would be pederasty, those movies are usually so powerful because of how real it is.  That's like one of the things that no matter how many times done will be so creepy.   Sounds pretty cool and I'll certainly keep an eye out for it.  Good looking out, Azzy

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^^^ Ever see The Woodsman?  Kevin Bacon as a newly parolled child molester trying to stay straight.  VERY good film.

This one sounds interesting, though I have to wonder how long it'll be before Disney locks up its release with a lawsuit.

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The title to the article I linked to was "Horror movie Disney may never let you see is killing at Sundance."  But we all know it'll get out anyway.  If Disney was smart they'd work with these guys, but we now how Disney/Hollywood acts.

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I love The Woodsman.  I remember renting it right when it came out ( I worked at Blockbuster at the time) and still to this day, when I see Kevin Bacon I can't help but think of how powerful a performance he did in that.  Sometimes takes movies of dark subject nature to bring out the best of an actor (Robin Williams in One Hour Photo)