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Thinking about a sequel. This is what I got so far let me know if its interesting or just more of the same / a repeat.

Mr Bags 2:

It’s where we were. Where we are, I don’t mean to disclose too much. Well because for you to know would make me feel pretty shitty.

A friend said “know ignorance is bliss” and “and knowledge is damnation, see that and here we are fucker,” he said.

I thought I understood what Sean was saying. In his own way, Sean was trying to protect me but it was no use. It was too late for him, and I had seen too much. I knew I had seen too much in his eyes, they seemed so sad.

When it came to life and reality I had so many delicious thoughts. So many delightful grasps at what may be the situation before me. I felt like I knew something. Then on a lonely Thursday at our neighbor Clair’s, Sean broke the veil. That night for all my ideas about the universe, I had no idea.

The room was aglow with candle light. They began chanting. Being a young man of sixteen I had been concentrating on Clair’s crotch; I saw something move under the cloth of her jeans. Shocked I looked to see a room full of obsidian eyes staring at me.

I hadn’t intended or been invited into this truth. You see I had asked too many questions. So they showed me an answer, the worm. This isn’t metaphorical; I was lead to a mound of moon lit dirt. My face hovered above the tiny hole in earth and then from the abyss, liberated with filth and glistening, it came through that tiny hole.

I am without excuses now, only knowledge and I ask forgiveness but I know that I am damned. I still hear a echoing from that darkest night, an echoing of his laugh.

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Re: Mr Bags part 2

always interested in your writings Sam. seems fine so far. carry on.