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My novella, Ghoultown, has been released into the wild!

Here's the blurb:

Boston is on its knees, brought there by an unknown man and his summoned dark beings. Currently, there are one hundred sixteen infected, and eighty-two dead. There is no sign that the attacks will stop anytime soon...

Standing outside of a house filled with dead people is not the most pleasant of things, but for Delilah Dalton and Milly Shores it’s all part of the job. In training with the FBI’s Reaper Team, the nineteen year olds are caught up in the gruesome case.

If the team cannot stop the killing soon, South Boston will be nothing but a blood-drenched feeding ground for dark beasts.

You can find more info here:

And you can order it here: … 0016029603 … cts_id=532 should have it up soon.

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Ghoultown is now up on Amazon! … p_t_1_7Z47

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Congratulations.  The link is there for anyone interested.  Not sure how this thread snuck by, but it's closed.  We count this as spam, and spam is unwelcome.

Participate in the community, make yourself known before pimping shit.  Thanks.