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Instead of having to keep tabs on every idea and/or movie someone tells me, I created a Google docs spreadsheet so you can add your own ideas. 

It has a Theme column, a column to put associated movies with said them, and a column just for movies you'd like to see in a movie night (can package those up into Random Night or something).  Keep the list of Theme movies to at most 4- remember you're doling out 2 hours for each movie listed.

Here is the link to the editable page.  Feel free to keep adding stuff on, but don't go messing around with other peoples' stuff; it will just make me reload from a backup, which is annoying.

Have fun.  big_smile

EDIT- If you put something new on, post a "Bump" or "I posted something" post so people know you changed it.

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Good one El Cappy.  I can think of some other to go with it, but I'll let others add suggestions first.