Topic: Hell Hole a Horror Comedy

Hey everyone,

I stopped by to put out the word that a horror comedy I wrote and directed last year is now up for digital download on our film's website!

Let me start off by saying I appreciate you even reading. The downloads are only $5 and most importantly this is my first feature and I'm trying to find an audience the old fashion way, via talking to people.,0,214,317_.jpg

The story is about Tyler and Rick, two dudes who can't seem to get going in life. When they meet some babes at a local dive bar on the edge of town, what they think is the bathroom turns out to be a secret door keeping hell's creatures at bay. Now it's up to the dudes to save their dates and the world before it's to late!

I took about a year to write the script and 8 months from pre-production to post. It's in consideration at a few film festivals across the country (another way to get noticed) but they are not until Fall.

This really is an independent effort to put the film out in the world, build a larger audience and if everything works out, secure a budget for the sequel. (Someone suggested Hell Hollier, it's not bad.)

I'd love your feedback as well on suggestions to help get this movie seen. In part from giving it away for free on youtube, torrents, which seems counter productive, I would be interested in your reviews or opinions on independent film distribution in this century.

Thanks so much for reading and visit to download a copy or just check us out.

Eric Hollinshead
Writer, Director of Hell Hole