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Warning - this post contains season one spoilers.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Joss Whedon's perfect storm of culture creation, horror and third wave feminism, gave birth to the spinoff series Angel. The character Angel is an anomaly in the Buffyverse, a vampire with a soul who will transform back into a psychopathic, psychotic demon the moment he makes love to a woman and experiences pure happiness.

Spinoffs are often inferior to their parent series, but not this time. Angel is razor sharp with subtle, sophisticated plot twists. During the span of an episode, a cliche plot formula can change into something strange and profound. A few examples:

The viewer automatically roots for a possessed boy, only to discover the boy is a sociopath holding the demon hostage inside him. A paint by numbers bodyguard romance morphs into the True Hollywood Story of a wannabe Elizabeth Bathory, employing a reverse gender date rape drugging for squirm worthy, jaw dropping effect. An evil lawyer looking to reform learns that kindness can actually empower evil and elevate the hero a rung or two on the Social Darwinian ladder of corporate corruption.

Heck, even the relatively straightforward "rescue blonde bombshell from beefy brute" premise gets flipped on its head when the viewer remembers that Angel is basically a male version of Buffy (the ultimate blonde bombshell, who is physically superior to Angel).

Early in the season, when Angel's police woman love interest mistakes him for the villain of the episode and accuses him of being an impotent serial killer, the viewer is taken aback by the accidental accuracy of her statement. After all, Angel's forced celibacy may as well be impotence, and a killer who kills only bad guys is still a killer.

Angel doesn't skimp on the Buffy crossover goodness. The karate battle in the rain with rouge slayer Faith is intensely emotional, as is Buffy and Angel's 24 stolen hours of orgasmic bliss. Even Willow's werewolf boyfriend shows up to say hey. 

I've only finished the first season and can already strongly recommend this series. I'm looking forward to marathoning the next four seasons of (as Cordelia humorously calls him) The Dark Revenger. However, it's important to remember that Angel is a spinoff. To really get into it, you might want to watch the first three seasons of Buffy. Not necessary though.

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Whedon is GOD!!!
Angel was great. Got the first season on DVD.

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I like Joss too, most everything he's done. My post got cut in half, but I think I fixed it.

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Yeah, happens when it takes a long time to write it, not that it ever happened to me and I can spend hours doing one, but it's one of the very few glitches this site has.

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That's cool, it was easy to fix. Going back to Joss - I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I found Avengers to be just a tad overrated. Then again that's not really my type of movie. I know lots of people loved it. And I still need to watch Dollhouse.

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I'm a Super Hero AND Scarlett Johansson fan so of course I liked it. lol

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh DOLLHOUSE!!!
Eliza Dusku which is a wonderful actress, loved everything she's done especially her Open Grave Horror thing is just fantastic. And wow, what a story. See it the fastest you can. smile

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I like Eliza too, and would have appreciated a Faith The Vampire Slayer series. Started Angel season two and it's still so strong. Possessed damsel in distress with a heartbreaking finish. Two episodes in and it already touched on racism, homophobia and the dangers of mob mentality, and I'm pretty sure Angel's Scooby gang just scored a Ghostbusters firehouse. This is going to be epic.

Was wondering, what's the best web browser to use for this website? Is there one that's better than the others?

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Most are good enough, using Firefox version 2.0 here, yeah, old school to the bone I am they're up to like 9-10 nowadays lol and having no probs at all.

But use or the latest Firefox or even better, Google's Chrome which is the best browser yet.

And if yours works fine, don't use anything else.

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I am a Joss Whedon fan also.   Buffy is my favourite show followed by Firefly then Angel.  I enjoyed Dollhouse also.  Avengers was good but I loved CITW more. 

Have you guys watched sing a long blog yet?  It's so much fun! 

I love how Whedon uses the same actors all the time too.

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Yeah, Cabin was super original, and it was nice to see Joss writing for the big screen again. I haven't heard of the singing blog, sounds interesting.

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Oh that sounds definitely awesome that sing along Blog thing DirtyGirl.

Gotta mention that the thing I liked the most from Whedon dude is without any doubt the utterly FANTASTIC Firefly series that only got one season but he then did Serenity for the big screen and I was so glad to see River and the whole crew once more. This stands on top of my all times favorite Sci-Fi movies with Star Wars. Yes I like it THAT much.

What an amazing crew this ship has, insane. big_smile

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Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog:

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That is way too cool. Loving it.
Thanks DirtyGirl you made my night. smile

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Have you two seen the season 6 Buffy episode, Once More With Feeling? I think it's Whedon's greatest accomplishment, and the best musical ever. It works on so many levels. The songs are merciless ear worms, sticking in the brain for days on end and demanding repeat listens, the actors' performances are pitch perfect, and the choreography is surprisingly sophisticated, especially Tara's fetching, costume-appropriate lesbian maiden dance in the park. Also, the preceding episodes of season 6 bottle up powerful emotions, with lots of repressed angst and characters keeping secrets from each other, and the magic dancing demon forces people to unleash their innermost feelings through song, creating a blissfully rapid plot advancement and some tear jerking moments (especially Buffy's heartbreaking revelation to her Scooby gang at the end). Joss wrote and directed the episode and composed the songs. Angel wasn't around for this one, but considering his amusingly tone deaf performance at the demon karaoke bar maybe that's a good thing.

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Oooooooooooooooh TARAAA's fetching!!!
Yes I've seen it as you can see. It was just out of this world. EVERYTHING was. I like how Whedon gives us in our face emotions in everything he does.