Topic: Horror movies that are on sale this year in October

What horror movies hopefully do you think will be on sale pretty cheap this year during the last week or so of September and then throughout October to the first week of November since first week of November is the last time every year for horror movies on sale in stores.

Movies that I hope to find cheap in stores

Phantasm II for DVD
Phantasm 's  anchor bay anniversary DVD online during October
any of those 8 movies in one DVD collection that you see alot lately in Walmart and Kmart
Nightmare on Elm street Collection 1 DVD
Final Destination Collection that has FD 1, 2, 3 and 4. But I will also buy the regular 2 disc DVD of Final Destination 3

track down  the  crappy 20th anniversary DVD of The gate. Not the best special edition treatment for an old movie like The Gate but oh well.