Topic: Anyone seen Sightseers?

Just watched this English horror/comedy by Ben Wheatley who also directed Kill List. Didn't quite know what to expect and now I still don't really know what to make of it!

I suppose I enjoyed it in hindsight but spent most of the time while I was watching it wondering what kind of film it was exactly. Either that's a great thing because it's so original...or a bad thing because it didn't set the tone well enough early enough. I haven't decided which yet smile Anyone else seen it and have an opinion?

I'd say it was more of an offbeat quirky UK festival type film than it was either a comedy or a horror film really.

Points for being different for sure...I've not seen anything else quite like it. And the performances were fantastic. Technically all great from an objective standpoint. Just maybe not my kind of film.

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Re: Anyone seen Sightseers?

I watched it this last week and my opinion is similar.  It is supposed to be a black comedy, but I think that much of the humor was lost on me because I don't hail from that part of the world.  It does have its moments, but I didn't find it as funny as some have suggested.  Like you said, technically it is a well made film with good acting and an original story.  I gave it a 3/5.

Re: Anyone seen Sightseers?

Yeah I don't think it's a regional thing since I'm a neighbour to the UK myself and usually a fan of English comedies. I think it just wasn't very funny. I may have smirked once ha but that's about it. Perhaps a marketing mistake rather than a script issue...

I agree on the 3/5 smile