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hello all, my name is creature and a hobby of mine is designing monsters, wether it be for video games my friends make or for video shorts or just for fun. i was just wondering, do you think i could maybe sell some monsters? i can make custom monsters or just plain old everyday characters for you if you need it for well... anything at all. i have a small degital design company where is currently all of my monsters and characters are going into postersr and shirts and such, but i wanted to know if i could sell my monsters to people making movies or designing video games? and if so, how much would one charge for such a service?

thanks in advance!


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Well I draw too so no, not interested. But I wonder why your first post in here is about selling stuff instead of surfing around and posting elsewhere before. Not very nice. Ah well. I won't report it but I almost did. Lucky I'm feeling good today.

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I'd be interested if you could design character art/animation for my Spidernab show I'm currently working on.

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ya, sorry about that, i tried, to post on another forum, but i forgot my password. however, since i have no other email address, it looks like this'll be my new go to forum for horror.

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that sounds cool, anthing specific your looking for? send me the information and i'll get right to work on that for you.

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I told you that because we have a bunch of crap spammers that post things that only are about selling stuff but yours was different so.

But welcome anyways to the madhouse.