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Hello everyone at Horror-Movies forums!

My name is Jonathan Starr. I'm the writer and director of a really cool film called Nosocomephobia. A rabies-like plague brings a trauma center to it's breaking point, making it near impossible for Intern Dr. Amanda Gallagher to escape alive.

We're shooting it as a single 7 minute continuous-shot (no cutting), with lots of zombies, gore, and really fun elements being thrown into it.

Nosocomephobia means the fear of hospitals. At it's core the film is about fear and how it's affects the human psyche. What would you do to survive? If you're drowning, are you going to remain calm, or pull down your rescuer? When faced with imminent death, fear clouds judgment, and survival is the only thought.

Feel free to follow us here:

We're getting pre-production finished up and we're shooting in about a month. However in the meantime we're trying to raise funds for the production. Check out our awesome promo video on the indiegogo page. It's also a single continuous shot!

To help us out feel free to donate (and get some cool perks), and/or share. Anything helps!


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First of all welcome aboard. Hopefully, you'll stick around and didn't just come here to promote your film never to be seen again.
We have a bunch of talented people working into movies, some close to it, some not but talented anyhow.
Second, really cool site with cool stuff.

I like the idea of continuous-shooting, a recent one that comes right to my mind is Silent House which I just loved to Death. So I look forward to seeing your final product.


So to help it along, we added blood everywhere.

More Blood, the BETTER! big_smile

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I'm not just sticking around to promote the movie. Don't worry. wink It's important to stay active in the community.

Thanks for the kind words!

And yes, there will be lots of blood. wink Lots and lots of it.

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Exactly, very important and here is the best there is in the Universe. smile

You're very welcome.

Oh, way cool. Don't worry if one day you see a bunch of Vampires on your set, I sent them to bring me back some Blood. They'll help you to clean the place up after you've finished. lol

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Hehe, yeah. It's funny, because of the nature of the film, being a one-take, we need to use lots of blood, then to do another take we need to clean it all up to do the next take. So those vampires could be useful. wink

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What are you using for fake Blood??? I heard corn syrup with coloring was good but I don't really know what is the best.

And I'll send the gang over when you need them. They're pretty fast sucking up Blood so... lol