Topic: dvds - $2 each

Amityville Horror Collection (4 movies)
The Thing Collections Edition (with cool slip cover)
28 Weeks Later
Saw II
George Romeros Martin
Near Dark
Dark Waters
Geisha Assassin
Army of Darkness
Jack Brooks Monster Slayer
From Dusk till Dawn
Midnight Horror Col.  Puppet Master I, II, III
Dead Heat

Can not seem to move these locally, so figured I would post on a fan site.  Must buy at least 10 discs.  Buyer pays actual shipping (located in Canada).  I can always ship just the discs and artwork to save on the cost.  Would sell the whole lot for $30 plus shipping.

Re: dvds - $2 each

Which Dark Waters is that?

Re: dvds - $2 each … ark+waters

Its the italian flick from the early 90s (not the japanese flick or the remake).