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I have barely been reading any books. Well i've always been like that. But actually i like to read when i got on a trip. I've only read a couple of horror books in my entire life. So my question to you guys are, I have thought of a couple of horror books to buy, but i'm going to buy just one of them. It's between these titles:

World War Z
Stephen King's Cell

So out of those 2 books, which one should i buy. It's a really hard decision for me to make up my mind on these 2 titles.

But also if anyone else knows if there's other horror books that are definitely worth every penny. I would be really greatful if you guys help me out on which ones are the best and if World War Z and Cell would be a great buy.



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I haven't read World War Z, so I'd go with Cell.  Fantastic book.

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Boy, I don't think you could go wrong with either of those...
World War Z is written with more of a historical accuracy feel to it...
Cell is Kings best in years....REALLY good horror fiction...

hmmmmmmm....I vote Cell...

Are you familiar with F Paul Wilson or Graham Masterson??? Two of my favorites right there....

Good Hunting...

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I would go with WORLD WAR Z because its sequel to THE OFFICAL ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE.

My recommendations:

THE STAND: Stephen King---- A military super flu breaks out and kills over 90% of the world and in the USA, survivors band together and form two camps, one good and one sinful...soon, both will clash in a force of Good and Evil

THE BOOKS OF BLOOD: Clive Barker---- A collection of his short stories.  MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, RAWHEAD REX, THE YATTERING AND JACK are very good.

THE KEEP: F. Paul Wilson---- 1942, A platoon of German soldiers are sent to guard a small citadel deep in the Rommanian Mountain.  A week later German High Command recieves a message: Something Is Murdering My Men.  Instantly, two squads of elite SS einstazskommandos are dispatched.  But the only hope for those in the keep, rests in the hands of a sickly Jewish professor and his daughter...and a mysterious red haired stranger who is making his way to the keep....

H.P LOVECRAFT---- Any of his short stories.  You can buy a collection for like $7 at Borders or something.  These are a few of my favs: THE CALL OF CTHULHU, DREAMS IN THE WITCHHOUSE, COOL AIR, SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, DAGON, HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR, BEYOND THE WALL OF SLEEP.

I AM LEGEND: Richard Matheson---- Robert Neville always gets home before sunset.  He spends his nights awake, blaring classical music through his home and drinking.  He listens, watches and listens to the thousands crowded outside of his fortified home.  The world has become populated by vampires and Neville spends his days killing them.  Only, he is not the only one left...

Out of all of these...I recommend THE KEEP the most.

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Keep Brian Keene's and Jack Ketchum's stuff in mind too.  smile

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Ya bsically anyting that has been said here is good and worth the times spent reading. World War Z has a historical feel to it but is a st read for any zombie fan along with Cell being one of Kings best books in my opinion.

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I'm with tim, get The Rising by Brian Keene or Monster Island by Davis Eddington you won't be dissappointed in either. They are great zombie books.

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I honestly liked Cell, but didnt think it was spectacular.  I am in the middle of World War Z and really love it.  It is written as more of a historical account, like a real historical book would be.  And i wouldnt call it a SEQUEL to Zombie Survival Guide, because that was written like a survival guide, and there are no storyline links.  It's the follow-up but not the sequel.  Max Brooks is definately a new force in the Zombie horror novel genre

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Well imho you can never go wrong with King.  I have read each and everyone of his books.  Another author you must read is Bentley Little.  He is very graphic and the gore is outstanding.  Peter Straub is great if you like ghost stories.  And don't forget King's son Joe Hill.  I am the biggest nerd I know so anytime you need advice on books lmk.

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I hardly read any horror literature  but I do own a copy of World War Z and I loved it.

If you want more info on the zombie guide and other Brooks books here is great site to visit

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One other book I recommend is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  It is like a dark fairytale that takes place in whats called "London Below"  Very awesome book.  Highly recommended to everyone here!

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i dotn get World War Z its a pretty good book but i had more fun reading Cell great book

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I would like to thank everyone for their help and opinions on which books. Each and every one of you were very helpful. So now for my part is to really decide and think long and hard which book i want to get and read first. There's just way to many great books all of you have suggested.

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