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Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I'm on the hunt for some alternate TV Versions of horror movies and hoped that you good people might assist. Did anyone ever come across these or perhaps still have them?

Many thanks to anyone who replies.

Angel Heart (1987)

The American tv version, presumably in order to make up for time lost in editing the controversial sex scene, added footage that was not included in either the R or Unrated versions. The added footage was mostly made up of flashbacks to the war and other various oddities, and actually helped explain some of the more vague points of the movie.

Chopping Mall (1986)

The TV network version has some minutes of aerial stock footage of Los Angeles added, as well as some more voice-over dialoge between the robot technicians and more scenes of Alison and Ferdy watching Attack Of The Crab Monsters on the TV set.

Communion (1989)

An alternate version of Communion (1989) is shown on FOX network television (USA). The alternate version has extra or extended scenes (compared to the theatrical/cable/video version) as follows:

When Whitley (Christopher Walken) visits Dr. Freidman (Basil Hoffman), he describes the visitors while watching a salamander frolic in the physician's aquarium.

When Whitley's Russian friend Alex (Andreas Katsulas) finds Whitley in the diner, he tells Whitley that as a child in his native country he heard stories of small beings who lived in the mines, called Kobals. He tells Whitley he believes these stories are true;

On the "ship," Whitley dances with the blue boys after they exchange greetings (immediately before the "magic show");

Upon the roof of their apartment building, the stars in the sky do NOT momentarily appear to resemble the face of a visitor, as they do in the theatrical/cabletv/video version;

The end credits roll over a night time aerial shot of the Strieber family standing on the shore with New York City behind them.

Eye Of The Cat (1969)

New scenes were added to the network showing to make it "less intense." The Network-TV version has a different last half-hour, replacing the plot's supernatural element and an army of killer housecats with one somewhat-menacing housecat and a person with a paranoid delusion. This was made from outtakes and a few new scenes filmed in 1971, shortly before it aired.

Mans Best Friend (1993)

The version on USA Network includes scenes cut from the theatrical Version:

A scene where Lori and her boyfriend Perry are on couch on the first night with Max outside the patio door, where Lori remarks "look how he become attached to me already."

A scene where Lori does her last story on Max, just after Max dies in the scene in the Lab before we cut to three month later, where Lori meets with Rudy to show her the puppies.

Scene where Ray has his balls biten off by Max is cut, jumps right to Emaxx lab scene right as Max goes for Ray.

In the TV Version, the scene when Max escapes, when lori and Anne are in the lab when Dr. Jarret throws down his duffles to the floor as max ignores his commands to "enter" He says "damn it" instead of his real words "God damn it".

The scene of the mutilated mugger is removed all you see are the detectives looking at the dead body.

The scene where Lori and Anne are trying to escape from Emaxx after being caught by the guard, when they reach parting elevator doors, revealing Dr. Jarret, Anne's original response "Shit" is subsitited for "great".

Nightmare Sisters (1988)

There is an alternate television version that is shown on The USA Network that is edited for language with all nude scenes cut. It also adds additional scenes shot for television that replace the deleted nude scenes including:

An alternate transformation sequence of the three girls wearing lingeri� replacing the nude transformation scene.

An alternate pie eating sequence with the girls in lingeri�.

A completely new scene of the three girls in lingeri� jumping up and down on a bed in the bedroom. They are playing with balloons and blowing bubbles (to match up with the audio soundtrack). This replaces the nude bubble bath sequence.

A less explicit demon sex scene with Michele Bauer in her jungle outfit.

Scared To Death (1980)

A TV print that aired on USA Network included a scene not included on Media's VHS: a group of teens searching for their lost friend in a parking garage find her body hanging upside down much like a scene in Halloween (1978).

Split Second (1992)

All of the versions of this movie released on VHS and DVD have additional scenes removed which takes away from the development of the story. Additional scenes include additional dream and murder sequences along with an introduction to Durkin's girlfriend (who is credited in every version of the film, even though she is only in the TV cut).

Stepfather (1987)

Stephanie investigating the burnt car her counsellor was killed in, Susan walking to the basement to ask Jerry why he didn't want to talk to Stephanie's counsellor- before Jerry killed him, Jim Ogilvie was in bed with that lady from the clerk's office (Annie) & at the very end Susan is in the kitchen when she hears a chainsaw

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