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I actually finally seen the first movie in series in Full  yesterday and the others movies series, I have only seem some bits and bobs but I  was never really intruded  by it before!

Everyone I know is raving on about the latest one in the cinema saying, it was best movie  in series yet, few saying best movie of the year (There not seen Man of steel yet)  and even my Brother seemed to like it, even thought it only seen fifth one before and none of early ones.

Are all the movies connected in the series that? , Most say 3rd is series in the weakest!

Any fans for this series!

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Yes. Here even: … p?id=31196

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I think The Fast and the Furious is one of the worst franchises to ever brace the film industry. It started off about cars and quickly developed into another stupid action movie with more explosions than anything.

It's just so bad, and I think all the films in the franchise are bad to a degree. Of course the latest ones are the worst, but the earlier ones are bad too.

Just my opinion though.

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I've seen all of them except fast and the furious: Tokyo Drift...which has little to do with the series anyways. They are good movies for escaping reality and not thinking. The script is always bad and the actors are B list at best but it is a guilty pleasure. It's like watching the Expendables but with fast cars. Movie of the year? Not so much, that would be the Evil dead remake for me so far... Haven't seen superman.

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Oops normal I check but I been a bit lazy today lol

So , Should I give the 3rd one, I liked to see whole series this week, with some Horrors, I this movie bit longer then I thought there be!

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My cousin told me Tokyo Drift has to do with the current story kinda. With that said who cares this is the worst franchise in cinema history........I get why people go see it it's the perfect couple movie. Still doesn't change the fact there horrible movies. None of them ever make sense.

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mike3881 wrote:

None of them ever make sense.

A 250 lb guerrilla flies 200 mph into a car windshield while holding his main squeeze and walks away saying " I'm glad that car broke my fall."

This makes total sense.

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Tokyo Drift to me is the best of them all. Yes of course I miss Diesel and Walker but Han is definitely my favorite. And man the driftings in the mountain is freaking awesome. The Nissan Z only is worth seeing. big_smile

Well talking of favorites, the best scene in ALL of them is when they drag that safe on the streets in Fast 5. AMAZING!!!

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I might watch number 3 after 5 and 6