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Yeah loved them since I first saw them as young kid. First one was Space 1999's Eagle.

Next is definitely THE Event Horizon.

The Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator isn't bad too.

Red Planet Mars One.

2001 Space Odyssey.

That's it for now, I'll put the Alien series kick ass ones later. The  best one ever Prometheus too. And some more, there's a bunch of crazy ones out there flying and that's quite enough for now. lol

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Oh yeah this one is totally the craziest one EVER!!!

Nostromo, Alien [1979]

Sulaco, Aliens

Betty, Alien: Resurection

Starship Enterprise, Star Trek
A true classic.

Nebuchadnezzar, The Matrix
Morpheus: I had a dream and now this dream has been taken away from me. I was sad to see him explode. Always sad to see ships explode unlike cars in other movies. lol

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Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me.

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Glad you brought it up it's a magnificient one.
And extremely cool motto.

I live in my own personal sky. lol

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One of my favorites.
Anyone recognize it?

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I think I saw one of those coming out of a dog's butt once...

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Ouch, poor dog. Hahaha

hellrat wrote:

One of my favorites.
Anyone recognize it?

Ahhhh awesome, a Red Dwarf!!! Love them. Reminds me a bit of the Sulaco. big_smile

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Star Wars ones time now... The Imperial ones are definitely the baddest of 'em all.

Darth Vader's Tie-Fighter is amazing.

The insane Star Destroyer, RAD!!!

And of course the Death Star is one of the coolest ship ever built. Crazy looking thingy.

Amidala's ship is far from being bad too. Shiny beauty.

The B Wing is so weird looking it's mad. But still cool.

Avatar's AT-99 Scorpion Gunship is wild looking. And efficient. smile

And I'll close this one with Vader's shuttle which is kick ass.

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I love it!  Thanks for posting these.  Lottsa memories.

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You're very welcome my friend.

Memories??? Well yes, memories from last week, I watch all the Star Wars movies every month since a bunch of years, yeah, ADDICTED. lol

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10 coolest Spaceships in movies. Some very cool ones indeed. Ones we know very well the Sci-Fi fans we are too. big_smile

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Ahhhh that movie was insanely cool.
Anubody knows from what movie this is coming from???
Hint: Disney. big_smile

Beautiful Cygnus.

Babylon 5 had some very cool ones too. Like this Warlock.

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Ahhh how could I forget the marvellous Bttlestar Galactica???

Well, here it is. And it rocks.

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Klingon Bird Of Prey.
Freaking amazing design.

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Borg Cube and The Defiant from Stark Trek DS9
DS9, not a star ship technically, but close enough.
Last but not least the Enterprise.

And can't forget these:

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Very cool ones. Although fanpop sucks for linking images.

So here it is... smile

And the last ones hahaha yeah make me laugh everytime. lol

Spaceballs is a crazy movie. Soooooo crazy.

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Thanks dude! Didn't even realize it didn't work.

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Bobba Fett and his father's Slave is amazing.

The Last Starfighter 1966 Gunstar is great looking.

And let's not forget the awesome Solo's Millenium Falcon.

Old 80's V UFO was great. But the recent episodes' one is even more. Still cool for 1983. big_smile

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Probably not from any movie but still kick ass like mad. I like the Luftwaffe crosses on the wings. Cool looking flying beast. big_smile

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Great Space Stations those are. Death Star is the baddest one of them all though. Of course. big_smile

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Lexx from Lexx.

White Star from Bab5.

Starfury from Bab5.
(Best conceived space fighter ever- all 4 engine pods can fire forward or backwards independently, so it can turn/spin/reverse realistically.)

Vorlon Planet Killer (~50km long)

Zog yes!

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They must have been drinking the designers of these ones really. lol

And Amidala Portman falls...

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I put this on the Star Wars thread, but it should go here, too-

Go here and click on the pic for a larger version (2000x2000).

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lol I forgot about it. But yeah, fits here very well.

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This one in Sphere, what a great flick. Beautiful cinematography.

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