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I just learned that co-star of the legendary Bruce Lee flick Enter the Dragon and star of several other 70s/80s  exploitation and chop socky flicks Jim Kelly passed away on June 29th (cancer, age 67) and to my knowledge, it didn't even make the news. 

I was a big fan of this guy thanks to countless viewings of Black Belt Jones and Enter the Dragon in my pre-teens.  I hate when cult favorites such as Kelly pass away and no fuss is made over it; the same thing happened with Steve James, another cult favorite black exploitation star passed away in the early 90s, and not one national news network even bothered to report it.

Kelly made a number of memorable flicks; besides the two already mentioned, he also starred in Black Samurai, The Tattoo Connection, Three the Hard Way and Hot Potato, among many others.

RIP, Jim.  And tell Mr. Han-Man he's straight out of a comic book!

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LoudLon wrote:

Tell Mr. Han-Man he's straight out of a comic book!

I was literally about to type the comic book line when I read it at the end of your post.  He had quite an interesting life, and was in the best martial arts movie ever made IMHO.  RIP man.

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I too never even heard a peep about his passing. The man was a legend in my book!

R.I.P... J. Kelly.

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Wow yeah this went completely over my head, too.  RIP