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I partake in a popular slasher film podcast (The Hysteria Continues) and run my own slasher-themed forum (The Bodycount Continues) and, with my friend, am attempting to make a feature-length slasher; just trying to drum up interest wherever I can. I realize this could be considered spam and if it gets deleted as such, no hard feelings, but hopefully people will check us out.

Our Kickstarter Campaign: … y-easter-0

^ We're almost halfway to our goal but we're always looking for backers. Read through that page to get a better idea of who I am and what we're all about.

Our Facebook Page:

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...and is moderator Cap Howdy the same person I think it is?

If it is, he'll know who I am.

Then again, that's probably a common name.

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No it's not and no I don't.
Thread locked.
The links are there for anyone who's interested.
I recommend contributing to the forum in general before we decide this is just another drive by begging post and unleash the banhammer.