Topic: The name of the Movie

I want to know the name of a horror movie of the 80s, I do not know much about the movie, but it's about a man who kills teenagers in the woods.

At the beginning of the film is an old man who has a child chained in the back of a trailer, after a while he kills his father and goes after the young, he goes after everyone and will kill one by one. In the middle of the film appears a ranger and he kills him and wears clothes polcial.

In the end he puts all that he killed on a swing. In the final moments of the film remains only a woman, then cuts to the next day and all the police in this camp, then shows the girl going away in an ambulance and behind her comes a police car with the cop killer dress and he goes behind it. The film ends like this.

I am a long time ago the name of this movie, but everyone always say the names of well-known films, but there is none, I hope you can help me this time.