Topic: Futuristic Zombie Tale

We're legit Zed Heads and we set out to tell horrific accounts chronicling the many different stages of the zombie apocalypse.
We're truly interested in how individuals would react and try to survive when faced with the inevitable zombie apocalypse,
as well as the effects of the apocalypse on society.

Our latest episode, set after the main stages of the apocalypse, puts a bit of a twist on the series.
Take a look at past videos on our channel to see more in depth and straight up accounts of survival (survival not guaranteed :wink: ).

Chronicles of the Dead - "Virtual"
In the near future, upon the hour of curfew in New America, a young man plugs into the world of Virtual, entering "Chronicles of the Dead".

Please let us know your thoughts, complaints, suggestions as we are open to the knowledge and insight
of our peers and will aways do our best to appeal to the true zombie fanatic.

Thanks for you time.
Please enjoy!
Stay Undead