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This thread has been un-re-tasked.

You thought it would stay that way? Phhtttt!

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And the ALIEN series [1979-2002] Yes along with Prometheus, of course.
Added them to the spreadsheet too. smile

Made me laugh, The Sound Of Music. lol

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Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Event Horizon and Alien are both in.  We have never actually done either of those.
Aliens & Prometheus are on the candidate list.

edit- also added Hausu and Tombs of the Blind Dead to the "In" list.

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Added four films to the spreadsheet! big_smile

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Nice ones (and thanks for putting all the other info in!).  Horror of Drac should be a lock, Z3 I'm a big fan of, Hell of the Living Dead is outragious, not sure about Land O' Dead though.

I started a new spreadsheet to start consolidating stuff, but you can add to either one; I try to keep them both sync'd (for now; in about 2 weeks I'll have a master sheet up).

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Added a few suggestions.

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Tunnel [2011]
Camfire Tales [1997]
Twisted [1986]

Added to spreadsheet...

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

The Tower [1993]
Scary Activity [2011]
Dystopia [2013]
Fragile [2005]

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Sorry I was out for a bit folks, some real life intruded into my zen.  Phhttt! This has Lon's handiwork all over it.

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Oh, and for the real reason I was posting-
I'll be putting all your suggestions up and the spreadsheet.  Didn't want y'all to think I was ignoring your input.

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The Nest [1966] in your face Monkey boy dude man.

Just one thing to say.


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Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Mkaaaaayyy (???)

BAM!  50 TTs to Punk for being confusing!

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Confusing??? I tought that was pretty clear. lol
But thanks for the TTs anyways.

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Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

New Skype convo-
HM 9/27/2013

Easy link (paste in your browser)-

I possibly may be around tonight and tomorrow night on Skype to talk about HFest '13.

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.


Have been added...

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Alrighty, I went through the thread and updated the spreadsheet- … _web#gid=0

I'm going to be spending time going through films to check on availability and all that good stuff.  We have 68 films suggested, 12 of which are in, with about 18 spots still open.  You can see how things are broken down on the spreadsheet.

I'm going to be on Skype on and off all day if you want to stop by.  It's the 10/19/2013 conversation.  Easy link (paste in browser address bar)-


Golem just gave me a neat idea for next year.  Have one movie block of just shorts.  I would just need to make a playlist up.  FYI, it was this that gave me the idea-

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Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Hi kiddies.  After running through all the films, I ran into a few snags.

If you haven't noticed, YouTube's content suppliers have gotten smart and are invoking rights and placing a price tag on their films, so no free version now.  StageVu has been tightening up, too.

I have no problem with this, it's their stuff.  I could link you to other DL sites or torrents, but I can't condone people doing that to get films to watch for HFest.

So I have 3 questions.  The first is, take a look at the spreadsheet and see if I missed any legal & free options for movies that I have deigned "not free." 

2nd question- Are there movies that I should run that you think most people have in their own collections already, such as Alien?   My goal is to put up movies people want to watch, but I'm not breaking the law to do it.

3rd question-  The films that are still in the "Candidates" section that are cleared (marked with a  √  )- should I put them in?

So here is the spreadsheet- … _web#gid=0

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I'm pretty sure most of us have Alien and Prometheus.
Trick'R'Treat too as it's a classic.
And Yes, you should put the Candidates marked in...

My thoughts.

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

^ (To Azzy) I have no problem with watching movies that people likely have in their collection. Halloween is often a holiday when people like to watch the traditional horror classics (but of course it's nice to have a bunch of off-the-wall flicks to choose from too). Are the candidates with the check marks beside them all available on YT & StageVu (and does that define "cleared")? Either way, those are some good titles too.

edit - Oh, and I think I have my requested days off of work for H-Fest granted. big_smile

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Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

I like most of the Maybe In section, but don't care much about the Candidates section with checks, other than maybe Spider Baby or Poltergeist.

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Theli wrote:

I like most of the Maybe In section, but don't care much about the Candidates section with checks, other than maybe Spider Baby or Poltergeist.

Agreed on the "Maybe In" section. The majority of those titles I have seen and liked.
But I'm not very picky when it comes to watching horror movies either.

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Not picky at all either.
I like everything minus one and those in the same category. lol

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@Creetch- Yes, everything with a "√" is on YouTube.

I went back and looked on the last 2 years, and a few things have been deleted from the public forum (i.e. we could use without me being sued to oblivion).

Sorry guys & gals, I try, but "free usage rights" are regressing quickly.  For God's sake- Zombi 3 got copyright protection?  Who the fuck even owns the rights at this point?  And who the hell is going to profit from that- some (maybe) 5 people who may (most definitely not) be sober at 3:30 AM?

At this rate I'll be reduced to 1970's scribbles on bark. 

I love ya 'all for trying to help out.  I'll work it as best as I can for the next week.  I do promise that I'll bring the best flavor for HFest as a Monkey Horde can manage.

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Damn seriously, this is MAJOR suckage.
So many that the rights are owned by the nowhere lost land... sad

I'll keep checking out some stuff around.

Oh, true, THIS PAGE has a few cool free ones:

Sleepaway Camp, Dracula, H3LL even Piranha 2. smile

Re: HFest '13 Suggestion thread.

Ran into another snag.  It seems StageVu is now constipated.  I can't get more than 3kb/s from it, and I have 25mb/s broadband.

Looks like I'm going to have to go all YT and check on DailyMotion to see what it has (yeah, surprised me, too).  More bad news, after tonight I'm not doing jack on HFest until after my interview on Thursday.

Sorry for cutting this so close this year.  I would just give up at this point if you guys/gals didn't care so much.