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Question: Are you guys sick of 'over-hype'? Do you think a film should be represented for what it really is....or is hype better to make it sound better? I think a film should be represented for what it is without added hype to make it sound bigger, but that's just me.


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If we are talking about before a movie is released, then it is part of someones job to make 'over-hype' actually...there. If a movie is carrying no hype into an opening weekend, and there hasn't been much adverts for it or anything, it won't do all that well. You know?

Of course, I think most people believe that a film should be credited on its own merits and not let hype get to it. But unfortunately that doesn't happen too often these days.

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I don't care about hype.  All I need is a trailer.  If it interests me, I'll read up on the film and will have decided if I want to watch it after just a few minutes.  Hype doesn't even enter the equation and tends to prove more of an annoyance to me than anything.

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The only hype I really care about is HYPErspace. Don't care about anything else. Like you LoudLon, all I need is a trailer. And sometimes not even that, just an image and I'm sold. Like that American Mary one. Was sold without even seeing the trailer.

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I think that hype is to a degree inevitable given the technological advances e.g the internet that marketers can now use. In a way (however limited) the stuff they use nowadays - a minimum of 10 'teaser trailers' before a actual trailer is just a natural technological evolution from the old marketing techniques that guys like William Castle or exploitation showmen used. Don't tell me that William Castle wouldn't have a field day with the tech we have now. Though perhaps he would do it in a more innovative manner

In a way though the situation has reversed. Before lower budget/exploitation films used lurid and relatively cheap, but simple and often effective marketing to attract attention but now its the more mainstream and higher budget studios who have the cash to spend on expensive and clever marketing campaigns. Though films show that with a little hard work and persistence even independents can gain momentum and attention.

Now does hype ruin film's, yes it sometimes does. Two recent examples I can attest to myself are Cabin In The Woods and V/H/S. Do I think it is better to judge a film without the context of hype around it. Yes I do. Is opinion subjective and can we completely avoid it. Yes and No I am afraid.

The good thing about film being available on VHS/DVD and now Blu-Ray is that we can re-watch films, hopefully without the past hype so attached to it as on initial release. There are load of  films within the horror genre that were established classics but I were not impressed with on a first watch. However watching for a second time I now think they are masterpieces. The most obvious example that can come to mind is the very first and original Evil Dead.

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well, if a truck is chasing one don't say: featuring classic muscle cars that are chased by a menacing 4 wheel drive.....when in fact it only chases 1 car that only has an economy V-8 in it.

You wouldn't say....."there's a 'slew' of fresh faces.......when there's only 6 people in the whole film. To me that's misrepresentation of the film.

I think it should be repped for exactly what it is; no more, no less, then let the audience decide.

I'm just looking for second opinions here and appreciate the input.

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Well I can tell you that as far as Cars and Pick-ups go, I'm definitely OVER HYPEd. big_smile