Topic: What is the name of this movie?!?

Heres a list/summary of things that happen in it.
I know its about a man who moves into an apartment, but some paperwork isn't finished yet or something so he is advised to just lay low in there (Possibly by the sheriff) for 3/a couple days. He is all going good, has a girl over i think? But then weird shit happens (Not ghosts I think) and he starts to go mad. His cat goes missing, for some reason I think its in the walls, He is hearing noises, and it gets worse and worse, he finds his cat roasted in the oven and he yells "Kitty nooo" if that helps. He breaks down, starts setting up barbed wire and stuff as like a defense. In the end he died/kills himself by a nail door and they find the body later and the movie ends.
If you can help me with this one, that would be great. Thanks!!

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Re: What is the name of this movie?!?

I have no idea, sounds interesting though.