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Actually this might be my second posting as I cannot locate the original.  Don't know if there is some type of time delay before it actually gets posted, but here goes again....

I've been attempting on and off over the years to find the name of a horror movie I watched back in the late 60s or early 70s.

It was a B&W movie with 3 main characters IIRC.  Two men and a woman.  They are in a haunted house that's inhabited by ghosts.  In one scene, the woman sits on a bed and the ghost screams.  The only other things I remember, which are probably more pertinent are that they are looking for the head that is missing from a painting, and I think it might have been hidden in a small chest that was booby trapped with some sort of poison spike or similar.  My memory fails me in that I don't really remember if the painting had a hole in it where the head was supposed to be, or if it was a painting of a headless body...sorry, memory not so good anymore.

The movie might have been a great one, or possibly a dog of a movie...I don't really remember...but I'd like to see it again, just to be sure.

any help would be appreciated!!!!

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Perhaps the original 13 Ghosts(1960)?

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Can't think of the film off the top of my head.

BTW, your first post was in the "Horror Pictionary" thread.  (Click on your screen name, then click on "See all my posts.")

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Sounds like The Headless Ghost from the late 50s.

EDIT -- just looked it up.  It's from '59.