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Hi everyone

I was lucky enough to go to the UK horror festival, FrightFest this year and managed to watch No One Lives. It was easily one of the best films I saw there! Just so much fun - lots of great kills, an awesome killer played by Luke Evans (kind of like American Psycho crossed with Halloween or something) and a very 80s horror feel to it. One of the most entertaining horror movies I've seen in a very long time!

Has anyone else seen it yet or looking forward to it? It's amazing fun - the audience seemed to love it too! Already pre-ordered it tongue

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Haven't seen it yet but I truely freaking plan to do so the fastest possible. Trailer is amazing so I'm definitely in.

Glad you enjoyed your FrightFest mate. These festivals are way cool. Used to go to Montreal's Fantasia one when I lived there and it ROCKED. Too bad I live 400 kms from there now though. Ah well some choices I made definitely need sacrifices. But I don't care, my city RULES!!! smile

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I thought it was pretty okay. The kills were great, but there was something missing. Nothing amazing, but it was sure a nice  break from the PG13 horror trap out there, and not what you'd expect the "family friendly" WWE to get into.